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Zero bin: is elimination?

According to a popular view, a zero bin necessarily result in the elimination of the candidate and his time in catching up, whatever the scores in other subjects. But the jury is it also ruled on the issue? We interviewed two professors Letters to lighten you: Ms. Borde and Mrs. HUAULME.

Interview by Jason Mathurin

It is never easy to deal with following the tests when thinking have (completely) missed the point of having zero. Yet we must never admit defeat even though we had a bad start. And it is still rare that the remedial sanction a candidate by putting a mark of zero.

Is a zero playoff?

"I’m not aware of that. I would rather say no. The tray depends on the average rating. With the coefficients, some ferry sometimes with some very low notes.

However, one can imagine that in the case of zero, the average would be very fair and if there catch a commission that examines the marks and academic record of the candidate. However, a zero would be the worst effect to lead to upward revaluation. Actually, this is a case that I have never seen that I attended remedial commissions. "(Ms. Borde)

"I never put zero! So I can not answer this question. I would tend to say no, it should not be. "(Ms. HUAULME)

A teacher can really put zero in a candidate?

"If the student has not made up, I put: NN (not rated), sometimes even if it is too short to be noted: NE (not evaluable; we do not know why it was dried at this point ). "(Ms. HUAULME)

"The double marking is mandatory under 5 or 6. It is naturally justify precisely what motivates the note. "(Ms. Borde)

Does this happen often?

"For 14 years that I correct, I have never heard that in my jury, someone has put zero. "(Ms. HUAULME)

"The only time I saw him put a zero, we all agreed, I mean, the whole jury. "(Ms. Borde)

In which case does the jury have to put a zero in a candidate?

"Never, I said. Not rated or not measurable, if the student has missed. "(Ms. HUAULME)

"A white copy, or a copy, as I have seen, of a candidate who openly make fun of the correction in very crude terms. [] We seek to avoid this scenario that can always be disputed. Very zero copy (short, off topic, without methodology, on the edge of the incomprehensible ) will always be at least some points, even 1. The correction instructions push us in that direction. At the oral, a total refusal to answer can justify too. I remember one time he took me to fight to remain a candidate who did not even try. Finally, it was not so bad "(Ms. Borde)

Can the candidate to challenge this scratch?

" Yes. Zero, it does not make sense. At best, I advocate "not assessable under the criteria of the exercise." "(Ms. HUAULME)

"Like any notes bachelor, it can be appealed to [their membership academy] (Except for the Île-de-France where the administrative appeal is made to the SIEC (inter-service academic examinations and competitions) ). Ask for a reproduction of the corrected or delivery notice orally. Some candidates are even now lawyers ! "(Ms. Borde)

Zero would not, according to the Ministry of Education, a pass mark. It can be compensated with other notes and will not eliminate you from office. Regarding the absence of a candidate in a race, "[it] is sanctioned by the" absent "or by the zero rating [] Notes should be justified by clear and accurate as possible assessments (total accuracy , readability partial notes, any references to the schedule, etc.): the outcome of the review should not appear to the candidate as a decision whose motivation escape him. "

An absence in a test is not eliminatory either. However, the notion "not rated" or "not evaluable" has no regulatory basis: an absent or whose copy would not be assessable candidate, as suggested by Ms. HUAULME, will receive 0/20. Furthermore, the regulations do not provide for double correcting tray; it never intervenes in the final decision.

However, alternative sessions held in September will allow you to catch this event, provided you have made your request to the rectory along with all necessary supporting documents.

Be aware that the decision of the jury is unquestionable, even before the administrative court which declared "incompetent to judge the quality of the corrections (the jury [being] king)," explains the SIEC.

What if I scratch? :

Do not leave loser: you can catch up elsewhere. In the worst case, there is always the upgrading and replacement of session in September.

If you feel that this is a transfer error, it is possible to request an administrative appeal to your academy or SIEC if you are in Île-de-France.

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