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Where withdraw his diploma?

After receiving your transcript in July, you can pick up your current degree of October. It is the official proof of obtaining the tray. Here is some information that will be useful to recover this precious document.

The results of the tray fall on July 5 at 10 am, you can check on the internet or in the display center indicated on your convocation. You will then pick up your transcript in your school or in the jury center. The transcript is the official document waiting to collect your diploma.

For school candidates, it will pick up your diploma tray from October to the secretariat of your institution enrollment simply provided with your ID card. They are kept in the facility for a time defined by each academy. If you forget or can not move during this time, you will get the exams in the division and competition of your academy where it will then kept (House of Examinations for the Ile-de-France for example) . You can also make a request to send by mail the diploma by completing a form and entering your personal details available on the website of the academy you depend on.

For independent candidates, according to the academy, or you will have to go and get directly to the rectory, also from October, provided with your ID or diploma will be sent by mail.

In both cases, you can also ask a third person to go and get it for you, it will be with power of attorney signed by you, the copy of your identity card and his own papers ‘identity.

In case of loss

The Diploma is a unique pan-approved document, you will not be able to receive a copy in case of loss. However, you can make a written application to your rector (or fill in an online form by the academy) to receive a certificate of achievement. The pass certificate has the same legal value as the original diploma.

It is important to have proof of getting your tank because it will always will be requested when your enrollment in higher education (universities, schools, ).

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