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When a 5th year Ostéobio talks about his training

Fatima Kheroua student finishing their studies at Ostéobio, osteopathy school of Cachan looks back on his schooling, his choices and his ambitions as a future osteopath biomechanics.

Hello Fatima, you are a student in 5th year at Ostéobio with all existing schools in France, what motivated you to choose Ostéobio?

It is true that there are a lot of schools in France with very disparate formations and, before embarking on these studies, it is important to be well informed to make the right choice.

A Ostéobio, teaching is rational, Cartesian and personally that’s what suits me.

The training lasts 5 years and is organized in two cycles.

A first three-year cycle that combines theory, practice and observation placements with practitioners or in hospital school partners.

A second cycle of two years mostly focused on practice and professionalism (professional projects, consultations at the hospital, a private clinic), and the preparation of a final dissertation.

This rather Cartesian teaching, close to the world of health and research backed away a bit of the great concepts of osteopathy? What do you think ?

There are too many schools in France, and the training is very uneven.

To me to remain credible and to work in collaboration with other health professionals, it seems essential to be able to streamline our support, and not to rely on old concepts that historically have their place, but through which we can not justify anything at all.

A Ostéobio we develop our critical spirit, and our strength is to confront our profession to research. So the teaching is rigorous, Cartesian and constantly evolving.

During your school description you tell us about career plans, consultations in the hospital, is it really a strong point for your installation to come?

In any case ! The professional project allowed me to progress considerably. In two years I have accumulated two professional projects, and in addition to seeing many patients, I have to leave my professional network built.

And in terms of the opportunity to consult in hospitals, I think it’s the fantasy of every osteopathic So to Ostéobio we do during our studies

What is the subject of your graduation memory?

My thesis topic was to model the operation of the tendon under a given mechanical stress, taking into account various parameters, they are related to tendon or mechanical stress. Big job.

I guess you are also busy preparing for your installation? What are your projects ?

For now I am in close contact with the doctor a multidisciplinary firm, but I also planning to work in a timely manner with companies or sports facilities.

Do you feel ready?

I think so in the sense that I have been trained and I’ve seen lots of patients. But I especially look forward to getting into the thick of it!

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