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What to do after a STMG tray (ex-Bac STG)

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Holders of MGT tray (ex-Bac STG) have the advantage of an economic and technological background. A dual role which allows them to have the choice between the world of work or further study after the graduation. BTS, DUT, licenses, prepa the possibilities are vast.

If it is possible to work after a MGT tank, the vast majority of graduates choose to continue their studies but for short courses. Whether for example DUT or BTS, profiles of graduates STMG correspond to these sectors combining the technical and operational, and acclaimed by employers.

If you have a fairly defined career plan, you can also turn to a special school. Business, management, accounting, communication, tourism, social: these institutions train you in a sector or a specific job, in 2, 3 or 5 years. Your choice should be subject to careful consideration, depending on your tastes and your career plan.

STMG a bachelor five chose to go to university to take a license. His choice is designed for the AES channels, info-com or languages, but be aware that only the most serious and motivated can hope to succeed. Some even choose to follow an upgrade year after the tray to catch up on general knowledge (French, history, philosophy) and working method (a dissertation, for example.

Perhaps you know this, but business schools also house technology graduates, including MGT. Although some are accessible directly after the ferry, the royal road remains the economic prep class. Technological you option is also reserved.

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What to do with or without the tray

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