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What to do after a ferry STI2D

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Graduates The STI2D tray (Science and Industry technologies and sustainable development) have the advantage of having a versatile technology training, borrows from science subjects. A profile that allows them to choose between direct vocational integration or further education. The trend pencherait rather the school benches side.

Just under 10% of graduates STI2D venture once the graduation on the labor market. A difficult choice as the integration of young people without post-baccalaureate degree is complicated.

Also, the vast majority of STI2D opt for a compromise: the short supply chain, such as BTS or DUT, which can be operational within 2 years. Opportunities for specialization in these courses are numerous: electronics, IT, construction, engineering, industry, energy, environment

Another solution to form a sector or a particular profession: specialized schools. Recruiting after graduating, they provide targeted and technical training 2, 3 or 5 years, in various sectors: industry, IT, automotive, etc.

For the more energetic and motivated, the university is a possible but difficult choice. STI2D a bachelor ten arises on the benches of the university, but did not succeed as well as holders of a general baccalaureate. Although industrial science and technology licenses are the most appropriate, a strong background in math is essential. As mathematics licensing, computer and physical sciences, they require a very high level in science. Some universities offer it for a year of upgrade: ask!

Alternatively underestimated technology graduates: the engineering school. Indeed, many schools recruit directly after the ferry, on record or on competition for training to bac + 5.

Integrate these high-level training may also be considered after a prep class dedicated to technological baccalauréat or a prep post BTS or DUT (ATS). But know that the pace is intense and only the most serious students will succeed.

Finally in September 2014, the engineering school Arts et Métiers ParisTech launches a Bachelor of technology, post-baccalaureate in three years. Training that provides a more professional diploma and prepare for engineering cycle in the entrance examination. An initiative that is likely to inspire other schools

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