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What are your chances of integrating a MANAA or art prep?

What are your chances of integrating a MANAA or art prep?

Arts subjects are part of the post-baccalaureate training that select their students. How is this selection? What are the criteria used by the jury? What elements need to be put forward his file to increase the chances of being selected? We asked for educational officials responsible for this selection to give you some keys.

To register MANAA (upgrade of Applied Arts), first step to BTS arts, you can go through the portal Admission Post-Bac, these formations as taught in public or private establishments under contract. Some schools are not on APB: speak directly to them. Regarding the preparatory art schools that prepare students to pass the competition of School of Fine Arts, entries are made directly with the institutions concerned. Please note these courses are in demand: the School of Condé was passed not less than 1,000 interviews in 2012!

The PDB procedure extends from January to July, registering for the final confirmation of registration. Meanwhile, there are different stages not to miss: the attachment of greeting, sending files and entry phases. An additional procedure is provided until 15 September. As for private schools, they often offer the opportunity to register again all summer even until early September, within the limit of available seats.

What makes up the candidacy

MANAA or preparatory school, the application process is similar. It includes the review of school records and a letter of motivation and an interview about an hour. This is an opportunity to show a selection of artistic achievements and demonstrate its artistic culture and its project. For Guilhem Ricci, CEO of the network of Schools Condé Paris, "it is above all a way to inform candidates on the channels they want to integrate and often direct them to that which is most appropriate."

Selection criteria

Academic record: more or less

To embed a Manaa, school records account. In the audience, asked an average of 12 or 14/20, the private is a little less demanding. But the academic record is not limited to the notes. "We look at the overall profile of the student’s attendance, behavior, ability to work, because the art courses are relatively demanding, explains Guilhem Ricci. This academic criterion is somewhat less critical to incorporate an art prep, to the extent that the students choose the profession of visual artist: for this training, we retain diverse but decidedly artistic profiles. "

The artistic side: Essential

If you want to integrate training in the art is a priori because you are sensitive to this area. The school will therefore ensure that you have a minimum of artistic sensibility. We do not ask you to be unbeatable on Flemish painting of the 16th century, but to show that art, cinema or theater you are interested and you have some references. Other criteria: demonstrate an artistic practice. "This may be designs like photos taken with a smartphone, as long as it is a creative process," says Guilhem Ricci.

A construction project

Through the letter and / or maintenance, the school will check that your project is in line with the training they offer. "However this project does not necessarily need to be very successful especially to integrate a Manaa: it is a year of BTS and determination before allowing students to touch everything, to experiment different practices. it is not a problem if the student does not know what he wants to do later, as he knows it will be in the field of art and creation, "reassures the Director of Ecole de Conde.

Be curious

Child, you have been told repeatedly that curiosity killed the cat? Forget everything! "To work in art, one must have a good deal of intellectual and cultural curiosity, and show opened to the world and different creative practices, even if they are far from your tastes" ensures Guilhem Ricci. Show you curious and enthusiastic!

Learn about school

Why do you do art training? Why apply to our school? So many questions you have to answer during the interview. "It is important before coming good check with the school or MCAT prep online on the content of training, education, accomplishments to do," advises Guilhem Ricci. You can then develop arguments and show your motivation.

Preparing book

You will have to present a case of artistic works. Take time to prepare in advance, to think about what you want to show: it is useless to ship all the designs you’ve done since college. Instead, you must make a selection and show a coherent project, which can not be improvised overnight. And if you have nothing to show? "This is not fatal but we must be prepared to explain why."

Attending museums or theaters

For you talk about art, the jury will ask you what surely play you have seen recently or what exposure you enjoyed. Rather than gawk, take the lead and take out an exhibition or a movie a few days before the interview. And above then take the time to think about what you liked or not, what it made you think, to be able to talk about and show your references.

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