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What are your chances of integrating a IUT?

The IUT is one of selective post-baccalaureate courses. Exactly what happens during the selection? What are the criteria used by the jury? What elements need to be put forward his file to increase the chances of being selected? We asked the teachers responsible for this selection to give you some keys.

To apply for an IUT, you must go through the portal Post-Bac Admission]. And you will not be the (or) alone (e)! Each year, the IUT receive thousands of applications: in 2012, the OTC market of the IUT Paris Descartes techniques in 8647 received for 180 seats! "In 8600, only 1700 had placed the DUT top of their wishes" tempers Aline Boussinot, lecturer in this sector and in charge of the selection. But that’s still ten records for a place

The selection begins in April with the second phase of PDB stage where students must send their applications. Does that mean that after that, everything is played? Not necessarily, the selection can continue until September, in case of successful candidates withdrew at the last minute.

Your application

It consists of your academic record, that is to say the first three statements and notes to the first two terminals, with appreciations and feelings of teachers and headmaster. And notes to anticipated events first and possibly those of the white tray. The candidate must also include a letter of motivation.

The general profile

schooling, series of pan, stock or not, so to speak, classroom behavior: as many elements as the selection committee will look carefully. The goal is to verify that the student’s personality will stick with the training and will be able to fit and be successful.

Notes: relative importance

The school record is obviously an important criterion and to be cured, but there are notes and notes. "On the level will mainly watch French and subjects that interest us (eco, management, languages ​​), but it does not stop to bad rating, we also look at the progress of the student and his investment" justifies the teacher. She estimates that average scores can be compensated by a strong motivation.

A coherent project

To be selected, it is better to have a study project and professional that sticks with training. The goal is to minimize the disappointments and drop in a few weeks. "We know that at that age, the project will not necessarily clear or successful but whatever. What we want is that the student shows that he has at least thought about his future and that this training is not a default choice, "says Aline Boussinot.

An interesting personality

Do you have hobbies? Associative commitments? You have already done odd jobs? Internships ? Mention them as equal to file, it is such experiences that can make the difference, showing that you are able to invest and to give time to activities other than school.

Stock or not

Without quotas, the committee aims to ensure some representation in the origin of students. In fact, the stock may be more if they have a good record. Conversely, if your file is bad or average, you will be stock "save" it. And do not be stock should not hamper you either. In short, this is a test without really being one.

Anticipate, bien avant APB

The academic record includes the first ballot. So it is better not to wake up at the last moment realizing that we have not worked hard enough or we had an attitude a little too cool or casual. "If you have had many absences in high school, there are chances that your application differs because it requires great diligence in IUT" warns Aline Boussinot.

Show your desire

"We notice that students do not learn enough about the formation to which they apply, its content, its outlets, sorry Aline Boussinot. Now this is crucial because it allows us to see if their profile and expectations match what we have to offer! "And then it does not really want The advice: go to open houses or on the website of the IUT, ask at orientation fairs such as MCAT prep online, and most say it! Show you know what you are doing.

Dare to apply!

According to the teachers, many students practice self-censorship and do not dare put a IUT first vow, often because they think that their grades are not good enough or they do not come forward. But as we have seen above, the notes are not the only criterion for selection. Especially teachers will be there to support you. Good luck !

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