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What are your chances of integrating a dual-license at university

Universities generally do not select their students. But in recent years, many have launched bi-disciplinary course licenses or double-licenses in-house or in partnership with colleges as the Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

Demanding and recognized these courses attract more and more students and therefore are subject to a selective admission. If this kind of training you are interested, take stock to see if you fit the profile!

Registration details differ from one institution to another, or even from one course to another. Thus in Paris 1 Sorbonne, it is possible to register through the portal Admission Post Bac. By cons, at UPMC (Paris 6), these courses are not integrated into the system APB so you have to register directly with the hotel. Some courses can be accessed directly in the 2nd year, provided you have an equivalence and after maintenance.

For formations concerned by APB, follow the traditional calendar (registration until March 30, then send the file). For those outside PDB as at UPMC, the selection phases in late June – early July.

The bid items

APB or not, the selection is made through a folder. This includes report cards first class terminal and the notes early baccalaureate exams and a cover letter. An interview is also generally expected.

A good academic record

If the notes are not all they are a good indicator of your level and your ability to work. "Good marks show that you can provide effective and regular work and thus you will be able to follow in those sectors that are demanding," explains Fabrice Chemla, Trainings vice president of UPMC. You should know in fact that the class hours and the workload is doubled compared to a conventional license.

A thoughtful project

One chooses a double journey by chance! If you are applying is that this training is part of your career plan. But this is precisely what you’ll have to prove to your audience. "It is not a matter for the student to present a specific career plan, but to justify their choice and show that he knows why he’s there," complete university. The pledge of a good motivation and may even in some cases, up slightly right notes.

An open and curious mind

These courses are open to (at least) two major disciplines, it is quite logical that promotes the recruitment of people intellectually open and sensitive to the world around them. "We do not want sheep! "Confirms Fabrice Shemla. So you are warned

Prove your motivation

Many students think it is enough to say "I am motivated" to demonstrate his desire to be there. Sorry but that is not enough! In order to write his letter and pass the interview, list the different reasons that led you to apply. This involves having investigated a minimum on the program and the course content, the possibilities for prosecution of studies and opportunities


Always ahead of the interview, take stock of your academic and personal journey, your choices, your strengths but also weaknesses. "We must be able to explain its course, and do not hide any gray areas" says Fabrice Shemla. Play the card of the franchise and natural, ie maturity.


As we have already said, openness is an important selection criterion. But this intellectual curiosity is not limited to the field of study. If you practice an art or sport, if you like languages, if you are passionate about distant cultures, travel, etc, it’s time to know! And again, it is not enough to say, you will know why. It is a pretext for discussion but also an opportunity to show that you are not just a head to fill!

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