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Voltaire certificate or how to test your spelling

The Certificate Voltaire is a level spelling certification recognized by universities, schools and many businesses. Become a reference for many of them, it measures the level of French language proficiency of the candidate, based on spelling and grammar.

Etienne Richet

you we will never stress enough: pay attention to your proficiency in French and spelling. It is essential for your studies but also for your future job!

4 score levels

The scores are divided into 4 levels spelling:

300 level for spelling TECHNIQUE: it shows skills to write simple texts. Other occupations in which to exchange simple technical instructions.

500 level for spelling PROFESSIONAL: it proves your ability to write complex texts. Recommended for managers, sales engineers, technicians, assistants, secretaries, etc.

700 level for the spelling BUSINESS: it certifies the skills to draft strategic or legal significance texts and to read or correct the text of collaborators. Recommended for key account managers, executive assistants, department heads, lawyers, lawyers, notaries, etc.

Level 900 for spelling EXPERT: This level is recommended for letters related businesses: reviewers, proofreaders, editors, translators, trainers, coaches, etc.

The Certificate Voltaire has over 200 examination centers Chartered in mainland France, overseas, Switzerland and Belgium. The examination is crazy as a small dictation and a QCM consisted of 195 questions on grammar rules, semantic (meaning-related) and syntactic (construction-related) of the French language. It lasts three hours and costs € 59.90.

Each participant certificate is affiliated with a verification code to authenticate his score and identity. It may therefore justify its editorial level during a job interview or as part of a selection interview in higher study.

Voltaire Project, the online service

The Voltaire Project is a refresher online service in spelling that enables its users to improve their writing skills with a personality program. Constantly updated, the site offers exercises based on your achievements and shortcomings and your pace of acquisition. Available online and via tablet and smartphone Voltaire Project is a custom tool, free and usable for one year from the date of opening your account.

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