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University: what to do after confirming (or not) its partial?

Student at university, you just spend your part of the second half. The results fall: either you have validated your full year or only one semester or neither. Following this, a choice: continue, intensify, refocus? Here are our tips for what to do and especially what steps to undertake.


Congratulations: you can go on vacation with peace of mind! If you wish to continue your studies in the same university, enrollment in senior year (bachelor 2 and 3) is done directly on the website (or intranet) of the university, from early July. Then simply fill out an administrative form and choose your industry and your options for next year. You must also pay tuition.

As for the master, registration leads mostly to a selection – in M1 or M2 depending on the sector and universities. You will be asked your license notes and especially a cover letter. An interview may also be provided. The easiest way is to apply directly to the Faculty concerned.

Though, if you want to redirect you to another university course, you should contact the education service this industry you are targeting. This educational decision will be reviewed by the head of training and taken case by case depending on your motivations, your results and your project. After maintenance, it will be decided what year you can continue.

If you want to leave the university and incorporate other training, find all our tips below.

2. I have a semester validated on both

Nothing is lost ! Since the introduction of the LMD system, it is possible to continue to the next year, even if you did not get all your credits. Example: you are L2 and you have not validated all of your materials in semester 3, then you can apply for AJAC is to say "adjourned and allowed to continue" and spend L3 .

The conditions: have validated at least one core subject and a complementary (2 to Paris Assas) and catch up missing credits in the following year. But be aware that this is not necessarily easy to do, because they are many courses in addition to the normal year, often already filled Better to think carefully before launching.

In terms of the steps, you will first seek permission from the registrar’s office. They must verify in fact that you are capable and that it poses no overlap problems in your schedule. After the response, you follow the standard registration procedure.

Alternatively increase (see below) or redirect (see above).

3. I have no validated half of the year

This is not the end of the world! Of course, this is a year you may feel "lost", but you will benefit next year to know the program, to anticipate revisions and so put the odds in your favor to succeed. To re-register, this is the same registration process via the website (or intranet) of the university, from early July. Note that some universities do not allow more than one year by repetition.

You can also choose to redirect you. For this, you must contact the registrar’s office of the Faculty concerned and ask them what steps to follow (see above).

4. I want to change universities

Whether you have validated your year or not, you can ask to change universities. The procedure is to request a form at your new university, you will have to be completed by your former university. They then organize them moving your administrative file, including your notes.

But be careful, you are not given priority over students from the university where you go: as for selective courses, station not to end up on the floor in September!

5. I want to find another training

Upon reflection, university education does not suit you? You want to integrate another channel more suitable, either in content or teaching? Many schools still possible to register through the summer and into September for accessible curriculum after the pan or tray + 1/2/3/4, in many specialty areas, alternating or initial.

Before you start, you just need to take stock of your professional project, to integrate the training that suits you and really do not lose overtime.

To find these institutions, several options are available: a web search, for example via the directory of MCAT prep online that lists schools that still have places to offer. From there, you can contact them to know their admission procedures. You can also meet on the guidance fairs of the season, to ask all the questions: curriculum, opportunities, tuition, professional, student life

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