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Tray: what is required, permitted and forbidden in exam room

Revisions and D-Day: any advice for a successful exam!

What are the rules of conduct to be adopted on the day of the test of Bac? Difficult to see clearly in the ministerial orders as changes are frequent We summarize all official recommendations so you do not fautez D-Day

Each applicant must have his documents with him, as they will be requested to him at the beginning of each day’s events. Forgetfulness can land you in theory not be accepted in the exam room, but if you are sincere and that you promise to bring the documents the next day, this may be enough. Anyway, this is at the discretion of supervisors, and / or head of center or institution.

In case of loss or theft of the identity document, the Ministry of Education states that "you must provide a receipt of the declaration of loss or theft made to the police or gendarmerie, and that any official document with photograph to justify your identity.

If there is a single point oblivion, the candidate may temporarily produce other proof of identity. The center manager will record the identity of the candidate for the check post with the official document that the applicant must provide as soon as possible. "

When the reason for the delay is outside the control of the applicant (as the strike of the SNCF in 2014 that forced the ministry to relax its rules), the student is allowed to enter the examination room and compose like other candidates.

This delay should not, however, exceed 1 hour after the start of the race and no extra time will be allocated to the candidate. So if you arrive at 8:30 am Wednesday for the test of philosophy – for example because of the strike planned by the RATP bus – you should have finished last twelve o’clock deadline as other

It is authorized and even recommended for scientific tests, at least 2018 and the change in legislation. Because remember, you will not be entitled either to laptop or borrow the neighbor. As for the type of calculator: all is permitted, including programmable alphanumeric or graphic display, provided their operation is independent and it is not due to printer use. Still, all the tests do not require calculators: the reference is explicitly made on the subject, especially if the calculator is not allowed. But when in doubt, leave it in your bag!

The tests can be long and you can, like everyone, need to go to the bathroom. If you feel an urge before the start, better to go because you can not leave the room before the end of the first hour of composition.

After this period, the students can go out, one at a time and always accompanied by a supervisor. Candidates who wish to leave the room definitely can not do an hour after the start of the race.

Connected objects

Forget mobiles, tablets and other connected watches. All devices that communicate with the outside are prohibited. The ministry reiterated Friday, June 12 as academies had widespread installation of detectors, fixed or mobile. Info or intox ? When in doubt, it is better to abstain. And anyway, the supervisors also circulating in the aisles and have eyes everywhere!


Look on the copy of his neighbor, happen scrap sheets, have anti-dry whatever the method, if you are caught cheating, it may cost you dearly. Administrative penalties depend on the seriousness of the fact, and will blame the prohibition to enroll in higher education for a period of 5 years (but not to pass the permit, contrary to what a legend urban). It may even be, in the most serious cases, criminal sanctions providing "a three-year imprisonment and a fine of 9000 euros or one of these penalties." Not to mention the shame that she has no price!

A watch

There will not necessarily clock in the exam room and the teachers are not required to report to you on time. Also take a watch (normal and certainly not connected) with you, and regularly watch where you are, so as not you trapped by lack of time. Managing time is one of the secrets to success!

Spare pens

The pen failure, it happens and not to others. You can not ask your neighbor, supervisors do not necessarily so to avoid panic, plan and check-in two the day before they walk. Prefer ballpoint pens that are less likely to try, black or blue, more readable. Finally, plan to erase what to focus on making a clean copy.

Remember to take a small snack to stay focused throughout the race and avoid tiredness. Better to avoid too greasy or sticky foods that might impede or stain to write your copy. The water bottle is obviously essential!

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