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Travel agent

The travel agent is the idyllic holiday organizer for customers in a hurry. Strong competition from the Internet is its ability to give sound advice that constitutes its added value.

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According to seniority, skills, and segmentation of tasks performed by the agency, the work of the travel agent is more or less varied.

Ticketing occupies much of his time, since it represents on average 70% of the agencies’ work. But this activity should tend to disappear, as the tickets "dematerialize".

The tailored advice

The travel agent is also, and especially, marketer and consultant. The customer relationship is the other aspect of the job, probably the most interesting. They need to know direct prospective buyers relative to their tastes and budget, to offer them the trip that suits them.

Operators Tours brochures referenced by his agency to serve as background material, but the phone and the computer have also become indispensable tools of agency work.

The travel agent must check prices, availability, and makes reservations in the customer’s choice. Finally, it keeps track of records and billing, often outside the opening hours of the agency.

Courses / training

Several BTS preparing for job: Sales and tourist productions BTS, BTS negotiation client relationship or a pro license tourism. Mastery of English is indispensable.


Travel agents work primarily within vending agencies, independent or affiliated with a network.

Their activity is irregular. With the approach of the tourist season, they should be prepared for long hours, working on weekends because telephone platforms are reachable 7jours7.

Professional evolution

With experience, the travel agent can progress to positions of branch manager or producer trips. It can also move towards the job of tour operator and travel design formulas.


The travel agent begins at SMIC. Then his salary progresses depending on seniority and the collective agreement when it is applied. Depending on the size of the agency where he works, he can earn commissions on sales.

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