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Transit agent

Air, sea, road or river transport? The transit officer organizes transport of goods to or from abroad on behalf of a company. To him to find the quickest and least expensive solution. His obsession: to lower prices. We demand.

The daily life of a transit agent

The transit officer conducts cargo transit operations within a very strict regulatory framework. He must take care of all the paperwork and certifications necessary to transport goods: shipping document, customs declaration, loading description

He is liable in case of any damages suffered. On trade, he juggles sea, air, road and rail to find the best solution and firmly negotiated with carriers conditions of loading and delivery on behalf of his client. Once established contract and the embedded commodity, it follows the movement and regularly informs his client.

formidable negotiator

The transit officer juggles new technologies, especially the Internet, to follow daily the route of freight across the planet. It maintains close relations with different partners: insurance companies, customs, chambers of commerce, foreign correspondents and can handle the unexpected with quiet efficiency. He divides his time between his office and the field trips to monitor the origin and receipt of goods.

legal knowledge, IT fluency, command of several languages, it needs to mobilize all these skills to play its pivotal role in man the freight sector.

If the pro tray is the minimum, have a tray 2 is strongly advised. For example, the BTS Transport and logistics services, or DUT logistics and transportation management. Fluency in English is one of the indispensable knowledge.

There are transit agents in the import-export service companies, or in companies with freight forwarders operators in international traffic.

Depending on the size of these, he can specialize in import, export, to a destination or a mode of transport.

Professional evolution

The transit officer can progress to business functions or to other professions transit, such as those related to customs.

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This professional earns about € 1,800 gross monthly early career.

senior technician traffic SNCF

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