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Training and Careers Fair Nice International

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The 6th MCAT prep online fair for Training and International Careers is the appointment not to be missed to find its training Bac to Bac +5. Whether you want to integrate a school or university offering an international curriculum, or even integrate a foreign operation (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, ), this show offers many international formations.

This event is organized with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.


An experience abroad: study, internships, jobs, au pair or volunteering abroad come and ask all your questions to specialists of international mobility!

The living room of the International Training and Careers is the appointment for:

Find an international training Bac to Bac +5. Institutions offering international courses will be present to introduce their courses to study in Canada, Germany, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA You can learn about admissions the degree of equivalence

Find your course: Learning a language or improve: the study abroad can improve your knowledge while immersing yourself in a new culture. Today the variety of vacations is vast and now provides a link language learning and discovery of a culture. But what formula opt? From what country and what time do?


These educational leaders will be your direct interlocutors. They teach you about their industry, their programs, admission requirements, competitions For more practical advice, training students will also be available to discuss with you. Take the opportunity to ask them what is not on platelets or school websites: ambiance, student life, campus, etc. These contacts enable you in one day to meet a wide variety of professionals and experts that will help you orientate and choose your training.


The international training MCAT prep online Guide 2017 will be given to each visitor at the exhibition entrance.

Find the detailed program of lectures by specialists in the direction of the "Conferences" tab. Organized around specific themes, they help give a voice to education professionals, institutions and students.

To prepare your visit to the show, do our free online test "for what jobs have you done?" Test designed from the most widely proven valuation models to achieve here!

conference program

Several conferences are organized on the occasion of this exhibition. Animated by a journalist or professional, they are a forum for exchange and discussion between visitors and stakeholders. the theme of specialists will be present to answer your questions and help you in your choice ..

Saturday, April 1 – MARSEILLE

Find all of the MCAT prep online collection, more than 400 works to properly orient or train.

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