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Trades: Secretary-Assistant (e)


A secretary, his organization, his courtesy and responsiveness, can make the difference in the operation of the business. It will not exercise the same missions as she works in a medical office or in town: it will adapt to the specificities of the sector.

The advent of the computer has a time fears their disappearance, but the secretaries have held on. Better still, those that are now called workers saw their tasks and skills gradually expand. Overview of a profession that has become indispensable!

The TPE to multinationals, the town hall at the university, the real estate sector to that of the food through the media: each door where you strike, you will find a secretary (the vast majority are women) responsible meet you and guide you. Thus, nearly one million professionals who occupy this trade.

Manage schedules and be organized

According she is alone in a small structure, attached to a service or a direction, the secretary will not have quite the same missions nor the same requirements. In general, the secretary in her lap the administrative tasks (reception, switchboard, mail ), agendas and the organization of meetings or travel, but sometimes communication with company personnel and the computer seizure of documents – which will be carefully sorted and stored. The secretary must master the main office tools, have impeccable spelling and demonstrate good writing skills. Besides it must be well organized.

More and more workers, the right arm of management

In recent years, these professional multi-caps have gained responsibilities and became true collaborators for their superiors. The assistant manager even has missions related to operational: its confidential notes and the information it gathers and help decision making by management. Thus in recruitment, the management assistants profiles or sales assistants are among the most sought. Versatile, they must know how to manage the administrative control but also the commercial sector to understand and anticipate the demands of their superiors.

General: Home charge, secretary, administrative secretary, executive secretary-assistant

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