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Trades: Chemistry – Biology


The French chemical industry generates many jobs, both in the scientific and technical and commercial. Discover all the business of chemistry and biology.

Innovative and efficient, the French chemical industry is exported worldwide. With 80 billion euros of turnover, it is 5th in the world and 2nd level in Europe, enabling it to generate many jobs, both in the scientific and technical field and commercially.

Mobile phones, cosmetics, automotive, drugs and even sneakers: we often ignore but the chemistry is everywhere in our daily lives. Which is why it is one of the most dynamic industries: it provides 157,000 direct jobs and 700,000 indirect and hiring 15,000 new people each year. The assets are divided in almost 3.2 million companies with 80% of SOHO / SME and are located mainly in the Ile-de-France, in the Rhone and the Northwest Valley. industry heavyweight, the pharmaceutical industry represents 41% of overall turnover.

Education and control: the outlets of the public service

The state and communities seeking to recruit scientists for both control facilities (water, waste ), providing expertise and teach. In 2012, the Ministry of Education and has opened nearly 500 teaching positions for physics specialty chemicals and SVT (science and life of the earth). The opportunities are limited but do exist. Moreover, many students including doctoral then head to positions of faculty at the university.

Innovation in the chemical industry

A380 LCD screen: the major technological inventions of the early 21st century would not have been possible without the contribution of chemists. Already on the floor tomorrow inventions, industrial transport and energy looking for that gray matter can innovate. Nearly a quarter of executives and engineers recruited annually incorporate research & development services, quality and risks. In total, this sector employs 30 000 people. But industries that do not solicit tray + 5: profiles of technicians and supervisors (bac bac + 2) still represent 38% of the workforce.

The new biology trades

Due to the strong competition in the drug market, the healthcare industry is looking for new opportunities. It relies heavily on scientific advances in the field of bio-engineering and bio-mechanics are to handle high-tech instruments in the medical community. Another booming sector: cellular biotherapy which soon will require industrial production. These leading sectors work with skilled professionals to produce and use knowledge, but also sell because all these advances have a strong commercial potential. The profiles with double-skills such scientific and management are in demand.

Search: sensory analyst perfumer aromaticien, biologist, botanist, chemist, bio-computer scientist, biologist in the pharmaceutical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, zoologist, biochemist, biomedical engineer

Produce: device driver in the chemical, manufacturing engineer, nutritionist engineer, formulator, manufacturing technician, lab technician, taxidermist

Inform: teaching careers.

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Chemistry – Biology: how to train?

The diversity of jobs offered by this sector results in a variety of training and diplomas, from CAP to bac + 5 and as an engineer. The trend is raising the level of skills, knowing that companies also allow employees to evolve and form.

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