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Trades: Banking – Finance


banking sector of the recruitment needs and finance do not decrease, especially as regards trade. Check out other jobs related to banking and finance.

The banking sector and finance employs 600 000 people and displays a health foolproof. Recruitment needs are not decreasing through the renewal of generations but also because of the increasing complexity of financial transactions and the need to retain customers. They mainly concern the business, but not only

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With 600,000 employees in counter, the bank is one of the leading private employers in France. And also one of the most dynamic. Thus according to the Observatory of trades in the bank, 17,000 recruits are needed each year, particularly because of retirements. interesting perspective for graduates: 68% of hires are young people under 30. The most sought after profiles are salespeople who represent half of the job profiles and recruitment. Indeed, the very competitive nature of the sector and the relative distrust of public opinion against banks forced them to work on their customer service and to place loyalty to the heart of their concerns.

media and technical functions required

According to industry professionals, a bank would not count less than 300 different trades! Among them, we find the positions associated with processing transactions with profiles of IT, but also many support functions which rose from 18% of jobs in 2000 to 22% in 2010. Banks are looking for examples of lawyers, officials communication or human resources This means the wealth of opportunities available to graduates of all streams.

Finance seeks its cracks

Are you more front, middle or back office? Finance account a variety of positions in search of young recruits. The increasing complexity of financial transactions requires skills increasingly pointed. Consolidator accounting and tax, internal auditor or chief accountant are so highly sought and profiles for which employers often have difficulty finding candidates. today asked the professionals to be both highly skilled and versatile to combine our technical expertise and international outlook. So you profile?

Commercial: responsible host, charge d’affaires in charge of agricultural affairs, responsible for business studies, responsible for consumers, professional account manager, farm management advisor, branch manager

Financial: analyst-financial, financial director, wealth management, back operator and middle office trader (market operator), head of project finance, technical sales (salesman), merger adviser acquisition, operator in private equity, asset manager investment manager.

Banking and finance: how to train?

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Careers in finance

This guide answers all questions pertaining to these sectors and have many trades such as insurance consultant,

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