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To higher education in Austria

Goethe, Mozart, Freud, or Schwarzenegger They have all gone through Austria. If you too, you feel the soul of a future celebrities go ahead and go to study in Austria. It helps you prepare everything.

The Austrian higher education has 22 state universities and 12 private universities and 21 Fachhochschule (FH), close to our IUT and engineering schools.

Access to universities, previously free for Austrian and European students, is now paying (less than 400 € per semester). If the tray is a minimum requirement (except restriction), foreign students must demonstrate a good level of German language training to integrate a chain. The academic year runs from October to June and consists of a winter semester (beginning in October for 14 weeks) and a summer semester (beginning in March for 14 weeks). Note that the university in the capital (Vienna, Geography for Dummies) is deemed in all areas and is also the largest German-speaking university in the world!

Before the introduction of the new scheme of studies planned as part of the European harmonization of diplomas (LMD in France), the university course was spread over two cycles (Diplomstudien). The basic university degree is the Magister or Diplom-Ingenieur / in or MD, and varies from 8 to 12 semesters. Obtaining basic degree gives access to doctoral, 2 or 4 semesters (legal term). The doctorate (Doktor) is obtained after approval of the thesis (Approval der Dissertation) and successful Rigorosum, final exam. Learn all about the equivalence of diplomas, click here

Note that several scholarships are available. You can consult the database on site. Since 2007, quotas were established for 5 years minimum due to the extensive inscriptions of German students in Austrian universities. In some fields such as medicine, 75% of seats are now reserved for Austrian students, 20% to European students and 5% other. To register, all information here.

More techniques, FH, grades obtained are those of Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing. FH) for technical courses and Magister (Mag. FH) for non-technical studies, according to the old organization. Since the LMD, the FH offer scientific studies and professionalized 6 semesters (including 1-2 practical training) that are sanctioned by an FH-Bachelor’s degree and an FH-Master (additional 4 semesters). Doctoral studies are available after FH, with 4-6 additional semesters. There are also a myriad of additional training, including Kollegs, providing vocational training in 2 years in a variety of areas (construction, urban planning, tourism and recreation ) or paramedical training post-bac, the social sector. Austria, where Mozart lived, is well known for its artistic sectors.

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