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The Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine

These medics have medical capacity applied to sports, only official diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education. It allows them to provide medical monitoring of athletes. Moreover, it allows, and they alone, since the decree of 1 July 1987, to burn on their plate the doctor mention sports.


Medical capacity applied to sports prepares in one year. The program includes 100 to 120 hours of theoretical and practical training of at least 40 half days.

The theoretical courses focus on the physiology and biology of sport: energy metabolism, adaptation of the various functions to muscle exercise, training and fatigue, biometrics, environmental adaptation, doping.

Various topics are covered:

the sports medical examination, aptitude tests, certificates issued.

The practical training is to make sports medicine courses in the field, to participate in seminars and activities of consultations medical centers and sports biology.

Other training

Some universities and institutes offer additional training, usually lasting one to two years, leading to a DU (university degree) or AEU (certificate of university studies). These diplomas which are not recognized at the national level do not permit their holders to carry the sports physician name.

The Sports Physiotherapy

The Sports Physiotherapy is not recognized as a specialty. However, sports physiotherapists have a specific use that requires specific actions and knowledge that can only be learned as among athletes. Some training in sports physiotherapy exist but to benefit, it is essential to have first landed the state diploma of physiotherapist.

The State diploma of physiotherapist

Thirty schools, mostly private, approved by the Ministry of Health to prepare this degree.

Duration of study: three years full-time, with theoretical and practical courses in school and hospital internships.

Access conditions: hold the tray (preferably tray S), minimum qualification required to pass the entrance examination.

Training cost: it is around 3,055 euros on average as many of these schools are private. Scholarships are still awarded by the Ministry of Health under certain conditions. Educate yourself!

Additional training

There are very few, offered by some universities. They usually last for two years and take place by half-days in training.

Two access conditions:

without competition: direct entry into first year to 15 top athletes on the national list (ten of Paris, five on the province).

entry into preparatory year Insep then three years at the National School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (ENKRE) of Saint-Maurice.

Professional licenses

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