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The public schools of art and applied arts

The public schools of art and applied arts

The art schools are high-level training sanctioned by bac +3 degrees tray 5 in art, design and communication. They welcome over 11 000 students.

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Today there are 45 plastic arts schools under the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Spread over 58 sites, these institutions issue first and the DTA DNAP (National Diploma arts and techniques, national fine arts degree) Tray 3, then DNSEP (higher national diploma plastic expression) to bac +5. Since 2012, the diplomas issued by schools of art tray 5 have master’s degree. DNAP and DNSEP come in three options: the Art, Design and Communication. Some will then provide specialties in the design, graphic design or sound space.

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Great demand by students aspiring to a career in art or creative, colleges of fine arts and applied arts operate on similar principles: education combining technology and creativity, and three to five years a real "quest "personal. Because the artist – or creative – expressed through his work many facets of his personality.

Visual Arts: top ten National Schools

Today, ten institutions are called "national" and funded by the state. Namely, first, national Supreme Art Schools Bourges, Paris-Cergy, Dijon, Limoges, Nancy and Nice Villa Arson. And those delivering specific diplomas: the National School of Fine Arts (Ensba), the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), the École nationale supérieure de création industrielle (ENSCI / Les Ateliers) and the School superior national d’Arles photography (NPHS). Each time, these degrees are recognized level I and Master’s degree. At these institutions, is also often linked the National Studio of Contemporary Arts Fresnoy, which delivers it as a specific degree in two years, after graduating five. Other schools are called "territorial" and mainly financed by the cities and their urban community. Spread throughout France, some have come together in a network, to pool training, partnerships, and, of course, a number of means. One way to provide some more specific training but still high level.

Integration in 1st year is by competition. Applicants must provide evidence of the degree. Thirteen of the 45 schools have joined the post-baccalaureate admission procedure (PDB). For a list of these schools, the best is yet to consult the site. Registration devices that can vary greatly from site to site, it is advisable to check with each institution. Many details are also on the site of the Andéa (National Association of art schools).

If the contest can vary, we still find a number of common characteristics. Thus, generally, a practical test, a written test of general culture and a language test. Then comes motivational interviewing, which often take to base an artistic record. Bac accessible, these institutions nevertheless incorporate many students who attended a preparatory class to tackle the entrance examination in better conditions. It is also possible to join these schools by the equity during curriculum. Again, the terms are to check with individual institutions.

Three to five years of study, artistic and practical training

Integrated in the European LMD system, the art schools produce graduates tray tray 3 and 5. The first cycle – or stage program – lasts three years and leads to the DNAP (Visual Arts) or DTA (arts and techniques). The latter sector is possible via four options: Space Design, Graphic Design, Product Design and Textile Design. At this stage, students can decide to join the working world or continue their studies until after a 2nd DNSEP two-year cycle, also called project phase. Art schools, under the LMD, count all their teachings in the form of "ECTS" as well as the university or the engineering and business training. These teaching units are redeemable throughout France and Europe and will be eligible for advanced standing for any shifts. Technical and artistic, these courses are generally organized around learning of basic practices (drawing, sculpture, image, video, etc.) with later, specializations and evolutions depending on the options chosen by the students. Many workshops and projects are of course provided. Most of these establishments also allow the opportunity for their students to study abroad.

The courses of institutions offering school diploma may, in turn, vary somewhat. Thus ENSAD and they are available at Ensba bin for five years of study. ENSCI / Les Ateliers and the National School of the Arles Photography recruit Tray 2 and their course lasts three years. The National Studio of Contemporary Arts Le Fresnoy recruits tray 5 for a degree in two years.

Applied art, highly specialized courses

Teaching art schools combines industry, art and communication while leaving room for creative expression and technical mastery. These schools include the School Boulle for furnishings, design and many crafts, the École Estienne for the book and communication, Duperré fashion and Environmental Design, began Olivier de Serres visual communication and design, and ESAAT Roubaix for textile the colleges of applied arts (or ESAA) are accessible after a general baccalaureate or tray "artistic" STD2A – Science and technology design and arts applied. Registration will be mostly on post-baccalaureate admission, but the best will still check directly to the dedicated website or at each school. Warning, these courses will be deemed more enrollment there will be selective.

First training thresholds, the BTS and the DMA

Most of the time, students will begin their journey with a year to upgrade (or Manaa) before moving the BTS or the DMA – degree of Crafts. Only holders of STD2A tray will be provided. extremely current in the arts, the senior technician certificate (BTS) is the first training threshold. Some colleges of applied arts will also offer DMA. This diploma will then involve skills more specific: art jewelery and gem inlay, sculpture applied to synthetic materials, etc. The highest degree of ESAA will, finally, the LSS, diploma of applied arts.

Ideal for choosing the right school? Go to the salons of specialized guidance such as MCAT prep online Exhibition of artistic training. You can also go to open houses schools.

The opportunity to visit the premises, meet the teachers and students, ask questions about training, markets, education, equipment, professionalism, assistance in finding placement, tuition, the various aids, etc.

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