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The passport-mobility studies overseas territories of students

The passport is a mobility assistance to students overseas territories. He is eligible for a return ticket per academic year for students following metropolis saturated or no education in their original department or interzone.

The passport entitles mobility studies conditional on the assumption of an air ticket to / from university or school year.

This support is:

100% of the cost of air carriage if you are a student or fellow student high school student under the second cycle of secondary education.

50% in other eligibility conditions (conditions apply)

Journey concerned: the starting community to the airport closest to the establishment of destination in France or overseas territories.

Who is concerned ?

students enrolled in a higher education institution due to the lack or saturation, in the territory of residence of the die of study chosen, and are designed to finance a portion of the ticket.

Saint-Barthélemy of the pupils in the second cycle of secondary education when the industry they have chosen is non-existent in their habitual residence community and territorial discontinuity or remoteness constitute a significant handicap to schooling.

WARNING ! Do not buy your ticket! LADOM bought the ticket once your application Passport-accepted Mobility Studies

To establish or renew your file, you must contact LADOM. For contact an agency, if you are from a DOM, contact Crous of Antilles-Guyane and Reunion.

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