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The nursing diploma recognized in license

The nursing diploma recognized in license

Since 2009, the training leading to the nurse State diploma, provides the license grade (L). The reform, published in the Official Journal of 7 August 2009, also introduced a new framework that reflects the changes in society and health needs. And who says new new competition program itself. Details.

The nursing education is fully integrated into the LMD scheme adopted by universities leading to three levels of education: the license, master and doctorate. It has become a full-fledged license. In addition, and to meet the requirements of the Bologna Process, the nurse State diploma is obtained by obtaining 180 European credits for the acquisition of ten skills repository (see box), 120 European credits being awarded for course units and 60 for clinical training internship.

Capitalization, EU

The teaching units (UE) vest according to the principles of capitalization and compensation. They are definitively acquired and capitalized as long as you got the average of each of them, or by application of compensation arrangements. The compensation notes occurs between two teaching units in the same semester. Thus, the EU "psychology, sociology, anthropology" and "legislation, ethics, deontology" semester 1 can compensate them or even "reasoning and nurse clinical approach" and "nursing project" in semester 2 etc. But all EU do not give rise to compensation.

Each competency is achieved cumulatively "by validating all related teaching units with competence", "the acquisition of all the elements of the competency evaluated during internships", "by validation of acts, valued care and technical activities either in training or in training institute. "

As with all licenses, training duration is 3 years, 6 semesters of 20 weeks each (S1 and S2 in the 1st year, S3 and S4 in the second ), equivalent to 5100 hours shared between theoretical training and clinical and hours of additional personal work.

"A degree finally recognized at fair value"

Claire, 22, a student of 3rd year in a North IFSI

"My degree will have the bac + 3, so license, which is a good thing. Before its integration into the LMD system, it was recognized that at bac + 2. This recognition will allow those who wish to reorient to other health sectors and, why not, continue to bac + 5. A chance, but for me, I think to stop there, at least for now. I can not wait to enter the labor market. With many courses, I have a lot of practice and I really want to find myself on the ground. I still have a few months and I must keep a cool head and not neglect the personal work. It’s a bit my fault. I love the convenience of training but I’m maybe not quite rigorous with homework, I am sometimes a little too confident. Being in the final stretch, I’ll make an effort, it would be stupid to fail now. "

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