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The global review of student Web: trial, innovation and immigration

To end the week, MCAT prep online proposes to revisit the highlights of the international student news. The program of the last review of the student web: Harvard students attack the fight against global warming, a gel that can stop bleeding in seconds and Obama reform the US immigration system

Seven students of the Harvard faculty have started legal proceedings against the prestigious university. They want it cut its economic ties to the fossil fuel companies. According to these students, financial relations linking faculty and these companies violate its obligations as a public charitable organization. They want it to stop investing its funds amounting to 36.4 billion dollars in the oil, gas or coal, which are important factors to global warming. The Huffington Post says Jeff Neal, University spokesperson, announced that officials of the faculty were also concerned about the environment and would continue to provide assistance in the search for solutions to problems environmental. They refuse to stop their investments in this sector so far

A graduate of the New York Polytechnic School just completed a new product that could revolutionize medical care. This young man of 20 has developed a herbal gel having the property to stop the bleeding in record time. According Science and, this gel may be applied to the skin and even certain organs. In fifteen seconds, gel penetrates the tissue and form blood clots that stop bleeding. And five ten minutes, even large bleeding can be contained. For now, the gel is only used in the veterinary area, but tests will be soon carried out on humans.

The new reforms of the immigration system, announced by Barack Obama on 20 November, will resonate with undocumented immigrants with children born in the United States. In addition to promoting legal migration into the country, the head of the US government plans to protect more than 4.3 million illegal immigrants a return to the border. The Huffington Post says that this reform will impact the lives of a lot of children. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, American children have at least one illegal immigrant parent would represent 6.9% of students from kindergarten to high school. In general, after the return to the borders of their parents, they are placed in foster care

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