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The formalities to study in Poland

To be admitted to an institution of higher education, must hold Matura (tray), the new version was introduced in June 2005.

Access to higher education

In addition to holding the certificate, prospective students must pass the entrance examination to the university where they have applied (even before the baccalaureate exams). Next the institution, admission requirements vary.

A foreign applicant must present an equivalent corresponding to the matura (secondary school leaving diploma) in Dutch.


Citizens of the EU have access to Polish territory on presentation of a passport or a national identity card valid.

A stay of more than three months require a residence permit granted by the Polish authorities.

To this end, it must file a residence permit application to the competent Voivode office. Permission for students is issued for a period of one year, renewable for consecutive years (to end of studies).

The folder that you submit must include the following documents:

a certificate of completion of education (bachelor) or for any equivalence, a level degree Bachelor, Master or Doctorate, recognized by international agreements

a certificate from the institution showing that the Polish level is sufficient to enjoy studies in Poland (courses a year are offered to those who do not know the language)

If problems concerning the validation of school leaving certificate documents, you must go to Kuratoriums (Academic Inspections) of voivodships.

Their addresses are available on the websites of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Namely: a work permit is required for all students who wish to complete an internship or take up employment. It must apply to the Ministry of Economy and the Polish labor.

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