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The formalities for your studies in Russia

The formalities to enter the Russian territory are not simple. The first step to be met before any other is to enroll in a Russian institution.

Enter the territory

After your registration you will receive an invitation letter from the Immigration Service of the Russian Federation within a period of 30 to 60 days. This invitation letter is the prerequisite for visa to the competent authorities, in this case the Russian Consulate.

The visa will cost € 54; 153 e for a visa multiple entry and exit. However be aware that you can also go through a specialized agency like Action-Visa, which will handle all the formalities for your visa in time much shorter than through the consulate. Obviously, it will cost a bit more expensive: between 70 and 80 €.

In addition to your letter of invitation, it will provide the following to get your visa: a HIV negative certificate less than 3 months (if your stay is over 3 months), the form of the embassy, ​​a photo identity, a passport valid at least another 6 months, your original certificate of insurance repatriation registered and recognized by the Russian consulate (see list).

The sequence of events takes place upon arrival in Russia. On the plane you fill out an immigration card which will help you get your residence permit. This is mandatory and must be requested in the next 3 days arrival.

Be constantly on you.

Your departure will also be subject to certain formalities, including possession of an exit visa. Once this pocket, you must leave the country within 15 days, or beware!

You have the choice between contacting the property of your choice, or go through RACUS, the department of international relations of universities of Russia, providing information and assisting with enrollment of foreign students.

a secondary school certificate that you have to get approval

a testament to your academic ability and your good health

proof of solvency to pay the following fees (tuition: 1 500/2 000 $), accommodation in student hostel (300 to $ 600) for the year, the life and health (between 105 and 200 $), food (about $ 150 per month). A total count between 3 500 and 4 500 $.

The university enrollments are open from May 1 to October 15, but a quota is established so do not delay.

As for the various fees, you will pay before September 1 through a bank transfer.

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