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The BAPAAT: a first step

State diploma since 1993, CAP-BEP level, common in sports and socio-cultural field, the patent professional technician assistant animator ability (BAPAAT) is the first level to engage in the way of animation and coaching. It allows in no way to teach.

It is obtained after 1500 to 2000 hours of dual training organized around three options: recreation of the young and children, leisure couples in collective reception sites and structures, full leisure nature. Moreover, it includes technical and sports media that are climbing, orienteering, hiking, caving, BMX, mountain biking, boating hiking, horseback riding, ponies or sports games collective. This training can be a good preparation for BE. It must be at least 18 years old to take the exam.

How to prepare?

Although it is possible to attend the examination of joint training (1st degree) without preparation, it is highly advisable to use because the selection is quite severe. The preparations BEES are taught by some private schools but especially by the public service training of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Creps2, DRJS and DDJS). These studies are priced.

To register for the sessions varying degrees of BE, you must send your file to the DDJS you depend, at least two months before the date set for the session.

For a schedule of events (core and specific training), please contact your or your DRJS DDJS.

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