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The accounting and management studies: what sectors?

The accounting and management studies: what sectors?

To train for careers in accounting and management, there are three levels of certification: the DCG (+3), the DMAS (+5) and DEC (+8). What each degree? What can we do with it? That’s what an update on a pathway where everything is calculated.

First, know that the business accounting and management have good future prospects. More than 50% of the associated accounting firms have over 50 years according to a study of the age pyramid, which suggests interesting opportunities for graduates.

In general, the craft is largely automated in operations. So there is more space for the data analysis and consulting firm with clients or business leaders. But before exercising a profession, it is necessary to form.

The Diploma of Accounting and Management (DCG): 1st overcome Bac +3

The first level is the GCD. It prepares you to insert yourself in the job market as to continue your studies. Equivalent to the license, he prepares in 3 years.

What training in accounting next to you? Or further Our book tells you everything!

For who ? The first year is open to holders of Baccalaureate courses from the S, ES or GTS. But parallel admissions are always possible for students the Licence 1 Prep 1 PACES may also be accepted in the second year of DCG, students holding BTS CGO, DUT GEA or Licence 2 Economics and Management.

Where to train? The training is offered mainly in specific classes established in schools (public or private). It is also available in some universities, possibly through learning.

How to get it? The DCG is obtained with a minimum of 10/20 in all educational units (EU) presented. Be careful though, any score below 6/20 is eliminatory. The degree includes 13 independent materials, plus an optional language in over 3 years of training and cut into 4 broad categories: Law, Economics, Management and Accounting Management obviously.

What opportunities? The diploma (+3) allows to fit into the professional world. With the DCG, you can exercise the management controller trades Junior, responsible for payroll, treasurer, credit analyst, accountant, auditor junior

You can also choose to prepare the higher degree: the DMAS (Higher Diploma in Accounting Management).

To put the odds on your side, we propose to work through the annals of previous years, whether the DCG, the DMAS or December Bankexam find on very many subjects exams and their corrections to test you on the trials in real conditions.

The DMAS corresponds to a Master level and is obtained in 2 years. This degree allows you to deepen the bases and qualify for higher positions.

For who ? Can access this degree students who have completed their DCG or obtained a Master degree grade.

Where to train? To take this course, you can enroll in a Master CSF (control, accounting, audit) of IAE (Institutes of Business Administration). Private schools also prepare the DMAS. In addition, some business schools (HEC, Toulouse Business School ) allow you to be exempt from certain events of DMAS.

How to get it? Same rules as the DCG. It is obtained with a minimum of 10/20 on all EU prepared and any score below 6/20 is eliminatory. The diploma includes 7 independent EU and an optional foreign language test (written test German, Spanish or Italian). The major subjects are Accounting Management, Management, Economics and Law.

What opportunities? With DMAS, you can already qualify for senior positions. Thus, it is possible to directly integrate a company or an accounting firm, audit, consulting as part of business management, accounting or financial expertise. The Diploma DMAS evolving towards management positions of Financial services, Accounting and Administration of the company and to the Employees of cabinet positions.

The DMAS is the necessary step before the Accountancy Course leading to the degree of chartered accountant.

The Chartered Accountant diploma (DEC): +8

supreme rank of the book hierarchy, this diploma is necessary for the exercise of the accounting profession. If it gets in eight years after the baccalaureate, it’s not a PhD because there is no thesis research to do. It is actually a title of engineer or a postgraduate degree.

For who ? The degree is available to students of DMAS.

How to get it? Before passing the written tests, students must complete an internship of 3 years. It corresponds to a period of learning the art where the trainee is paid. The DEC includes three tests:

Writing and defense of a thesis (1 hour hour) major Proof of December, it should prepare the first year of the course with a reflection on the theme that will be treated. The student must define a problem from the theoretical subject, historical or practice relating to the professional life of the accountant.

a written test on the contractual and statutory audit (4 hours + 30 minutes reading the subject).

a written test on professional regulation and ethics of the accountant and auditor (1 hour).

After graduation, you are ready to start your career. Is it better to start in a company or firm? It depends on the environment you like to work. Professionals working in the office believe that the work is varied but the most important pressure. In business, stress is less present. However, you will treat your files in depth.

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