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Teacher in adapted physical activity

The teacher in adapted physical activity (APA) supervises sessions of sports physical activities for people with special needs (disabled, chronically ill, social difficulties and seniors), for purposes of prevention, rehabilitation, rehabilitation, reintegration, education and / or social participation.

The daily tasks of a teacher in adapted physical activity

The teacher in adapted physical activity aims to participate in the design, conduct and evaluation of rehabilitation and integration programs for physical activity adapted to groups of people with functional and metabolic disorders, disorders sensory and motor, behavioral disorders and personality, intellectual disabilities, social maladjustment, disorders related to aging, chronic diseases.

Skills required to become a teacher in adapted physical activity

What (s) training (s) follow?

APA teachers are trained in the course Adapted Physical Activity Healthy (APA-S) of the STAPS License. Join the Sports Code, this course enables intervention against remuneration from public to specific needs. Training can be completed by a master APA-S, in which students gain more assertive skills in program design and animation teams.

The STAPS formations produce graduates each year 2000 students APA-S License and 500 masters students APA-S.

Where working teachers in adapted physical activity?

Teachers in adapted physical activity can work in all establishments and services qualified to accompany the populations facing particular difficulties such as the elderly, the sick, persons with disabilities and people with social problems: hospitals, health centers immediately and rehabilitation (SSR), health networks, facilities and services for children and youth with disabilities, facilities and services for adults with disabilities, facilities and services for the elderly, establishment competing with social child care, establishment under the Judicial Protection of Youth, unemployment assistance organizations, homeless and homeless, prisons.

From € 1200 to € 1400 initially for a licensee; from € 1700 to € 1900 with a master. Salaries vary by location.

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