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Take the examination orientation counselor psychologist (COP)

Take the examination orientation counselor psychologist (COP)

Want to become a psychologist guidance counselor (COP)? Direction ESPE (eg IUFM), which deliver a Masters of careers in teaching (MEEF). To get it, he must not only validate your 4 semesters but also win the support of COP. Tests, preparation, registration here’s what to know before embarking on the trials!

Who is the competition advisor psychologist orientation?

The competition advisor psychologist orientation is aimed, as the name suggests people who wish to exercise the profession of psychologist counselor orientation (COP) in schools and / or CIO (information center and orientation). It is also possible to work within the SAIO (Academic Service information and orientation) of a rectory or in an information and referral service to the university.

To enter the competition the COP, you have to have validated a degree in psychology at the university (Bac + 3). Nevertheless, the majority of successful candidates hold a bac + 5 (master pro psychology).

The first concerned are the students enrolled in the first year of the Master MEEF (Professions Education, education, and training), prepared in the ESPE (graduate schools of the teaching and education). APPLY can also holders of a Master 2 in another discipline or equivalent.

Note that the father and mother of three children, and the top athletes do not have an obligation to graduate to be eligible to sit the tests.

The tests

Contest psychologist guidance counselor based on two written tests for eligibility and two oral tests for admission.

It has two written tests are:

Applied Psychology test: the candidate must be able to mobilize knowledge in psychology from a statement that indicates the school or vocational guidance. (4h, coeff. 1)

Applied Economics test: the candidate must be able to mobilize their general knowledge in applied economics from a problem on the labor market and employability (4h, weighting 1.)

There are two oral tests:

interview with the jury on the study of a file relating to education, inclusion, orientation and training (preparation: 2 hours, test: 40 minutes, weighting 1..)

The events take place between February and July. Go to the complete calendar of competitions of education.

The number of candidates depends on the number of places specified by the ministry. The jury, after deliberation, establish a list of candidates in the ranking according to the number of points obtained.

How to register and prepare?

To pass the contest, you must register with the university nearby, in September / October which includes an ESPE.

It is in these schools the teaching staff as you prepare the contest and follow the courses, which are based on:

a theoretical base: child psychology, school philosophy, teaching methods, teaching own specialty prepared to contest

practical courses and an internship of 2 and 4 weeks in 1 master that cause the student to test professional situation layout.

Take the examination orientation counselor psychologist (COP)

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