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Taekwondo: Footwork and mind

"The way of the feet and fists." This is the meaning and essence of Taekwondo, a martial art born in Korea. Praised by younger, this sport combines ancient and modern traditions. The way the fight is open, who will dare to borrow it?


The history of taekwondo is closely linked to that of Korea. Through the centuries, martial arts have developed there, influenced or controlled by neighboring countries, China and Japan. At the end of the Japanese occupation in 1945, Korea is up to the traditional martial arts and particularly to old practices that date back to the era of royal dynasties (Middle Ages). Several schools open in the country until the unification of practices in 1955. The modern taekwondo was born. Since then, it has grown worldwide. It appeared in France in 1968 and became an Olympic discipline in 1994.


> In the free combat (Kyorugi), points one trade mark by blows to the opponent with the hands or feet. The breastplate and head are the areas most related. The impact of stroke also all its importance and in this sense recalls the French boxing. But the resemblance ends there. Taekwondo is primarily a martial art that involves learning values ​​and personal development. Practitioners train in Do-Jang (name of room) and receive instruction from a master. They assimilate the basic techniques in working the main attack and defense actions, (the Kibon). The MMA is often spectacular with its improbable circular kicks, but there are many other forms of exercise.

> The Poomse: an imaginary battle alone executed, that runs quickly and accurately. A real codified choreography during which linked together the phases of movement and travel.

> The conventional combat Han-Good: a fight in the rules of art where all hits are planned in advance. A good way to improve his technique.

> The case: a power test smelling the intense effort of concentration, since we must break boards with the edge of the hand or a kick.


ancient art and combat sport, taekwondo is the ideal channel to externalize and boundless energy. It will be understood, flexibility is required in order get air kicks during the fighting. But you also need attention, concentration and a certain self-control. Advantage taekwondo, progress at their own pace with the ability to climb grades (10 keup) and degrees (9 dan).

It is also a concentrated social values ​​(respect, friendship, solidarity ) that leads to personal growth. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

To find the addresses of the clubs try on the federation website,, or for the university championship. Regarding the championship, a missed note: March 29 start date of the championship of France, which takes place in Nancy.

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