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Surface Technician

Surface technician is the guarantor of surface cleanliness. A crucial responsibility in some sectors, such as food or health. His crusade to industrial production places of harbors impeccable hygiene.

Surface technician performs cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

The daily life of a surface technician

Surface technician helps to ensure that the standards of hygiene and cleanliness are followed in the production premises, the machines and offices. Its role is crucial: it guarantees the cleanliness of the surfaces with which the different products will be in contact. This is why it must adhere strictly to the schedule of planned cleaning, disinfection protocols and procedures.

A ruthless hunt for bacteria

His work can also be subjected to visual and bacteriological controls. This is particularly the case in the food processing and food laboratory environment.

Surface technician door handle protections for cleaning products and may have to use machines scrubber, single brush, foam gun, polisher Depending on requirements, it can be trained to pilot high-performance cleaning equipment.

In addition to cleaning and disinfection, surface technician may have to disassemble and reassemble the machines involved in the production process to wash perfectly according to established protocols and standards.

Bac pro Hygiene Cleanliness sterilization (HPS)

Opportunities surface Technician trade

Surface technician comes out production schedules, evening or weekend. This is a profession that requires a certain physical strength, which can cause musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic fatigue.

A surface technician can change very quickly. It can become a team leader, site manager. With additional training, it can access the quality technician position. Finally, he can set up his own industrial cleaning company.

The salary of a surface technician

According to his experience and the required work, surface technician can earn € 23,000 annual gross.

VRP (representing traveler or usher)

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