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Successfully POLYTECHNIC ENS ESPCI school contest

The Ecole Polytechnique, ENS, and ESPCI go through the same bank of tests to recruit students. Discover how to organize this competition and how to increase their chances of admission.

Admission procedure – Competition Organization X-ENS-ESPCI

The contest X-ENS-ESPCI is for students of preparatory classes scientists who wish to join one of the leading engineering schools and science: the Ecole Polytechnique, the higher normal schools (ENS) Ulm, Cachan, Lyon Rennes, and ESPCI ParisTech. There are different banks depending on the sectors.

MP Bank: Polytechnique and ENS

PC Bank: all schools (except ENS Rennes)

Registrations can be made via the site. The competition takes place in two stages:

then oral intake taking place from mid-June to early July, directly in the schools concerned

More information on the site MCAT prep online Grandes Ecoles

In terms of writing, there are common tests for banks and MP PC and other specific:

Info-Maths (4h)

As for oral, they are specific to institutions and banks. It includes knowledge tests (interviews) and practices in the following subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer, TIPE, living language. Specificity of X: a sports event.

To practice the competition tests and put the odds on your side, access and corrected annals of the competition X-ENS-ESPCI

This reference book for PM meets new programs 2014. It includes:

Course, which has all the knowledge, and the main demonstrations to understand and to know;

Methods, essential for personal growth, which summarize the essential to remember and provide pertinent technical and reasoning "in situation";

Although the oral tests succeed contests engineering schools

What are the "stages" of motivational interviewing oral tests of engineering schools? What are the evaluation criteria, the profiles and the issues ()

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