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Successfully Educator Contest PJJ

To access the educator training PJJ that ends by obtaining a state diploma, must win his place in the competition. Check out the modalities for organizing the content of the tests but also tips for success.

Under the Ministry of Justice, the educator contest PJJ is classified in category B. It is aimed at holders of a baccalaureate level degree + 2 (external competition) or have significant professional experience (3rd way contest: 2 years for a bachelor 3 years for non-Bachelor).

Registration will take place online from October to December. The eligibility tests take place in February and the observation period and the filing of the case and the oral intake in June for a year in September.

The winners of the contest receive paid training at the National School for the Judicial Protection of Youth, in Roubaix. It combines theoretical and practical training. It takes two years to educators from the external or internal competition, and one year for those from 3rd road contest and title.


The first test is a typical writing administrative assistance: drafting a position paper from a folder of 20 pages focused on the analysis of an educational or family situation.

If successful, the candidate then attends an observation internship at a departmental service PJJ after which he 72h to write a report in which it outlines the lessons learned from this experience and his motives for this trade.


Then two oral tests expect candidates:

collective test Roundtable: candidates met face the jury and must develop a collective response to emerging issues in the socio-educational field. This measure of speaking and listening skills of the candidate.

a personal interview with the jury to verify the ability and motivation of the candidate from the report and of course his record.

Train the test of carer competition thanks to the annals (subjects and corrected) previous years to find on

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