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Successfully complete the wizard competition (e) social service

The craft assistant (e) social (e) is prepared in a wizard school of social work, accessible after the bin on competition. Discover the contest organizational arrangements, the content of the tests but also tips for success.

Ways of organizing social support assistant

To appear for the entrance examination of the social worker schools must be a baccalaureate or equivalent degree; be terminally student, and subject to obtain the diploma; have a degree of paramedical and social sector at least level IV issued by the state.

The competition consists of written and oral tests which take place between February and April. The contest is not part of the APB proceedings, must apply directly to the institutions mentioned, usually from October to February.

The trials of the social worker contest

The content of the tests varies from one institution to the other but it is still based on two tests:

a written test synthesis and argumentation (3 to 4h) seeking to verify the writing skills of the candidates as well as their analysis and synthesis. It may consist of a set of texts that need to be clear or the main ideas, a quote that will argue

two oral interviews (30-45 minutes each), one individual with a psychologist and the other individual or group with a professional. The aim is to measure the ability, motivation, maturity, openness of the candidate, and especially its professional project is in line with the demands of training and profession.

Train the test of social worker through the annals contest (subjects and corrected) previous years to find on

Social Contest 2015-2016

This book accompanies you throughout your preparation to social competition. Success in this type of competition requires solid preparation for written and oral tests, and this guide provides all the tools needed to achieve it.

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