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Successfully carer contest

To access the formation of caregiver ending with obtaining a State diploma, must win his place in the competition. Discover how to organize this competition, the content of the tests but also tips for success.

To come to the admission contest in IFAS (Institute for training auxiliary nurses), there is no requirement of level or degree, except Age: Applicants must be at least 17 years at the beginning of training.

The contest consists of a written test and an eligibility oral intake. However, the holders of certain diplomas and degrees are exempt from some tests (subject to acceptance of their application): Bac (all series), BTS, CAP Early Childhood Bac pro ASSP and SAPAT, first year IFSI

Each IFAS manages its own recruitment, terms therefore differ from one institute to another. There may be one or two receipts: January and September. Entries then take place 9 to 11 months ago (February-April for the start of next January) eligibility written in June and September admission to the results in October. We must therefore anticipate the project to not miss the boat

The tests of the carer contest

The written eligibility test lasts two hours and consists of two main exercises:

French: from a general cultural text, it is to explain the main ideas of a text and comment on the essential aspects of a subject treated

Sciences: ten issues to deal with five of five human biology and mathematics on the four numerical operations and conversion.

The oral intake of two parts:

a a presentation from a theme of health and social fields

Train the test of carer competition thanks to the annals (subjects and corrected) previous years to find on

Caregiver – Competition 2015-2016

This book accompanies you throughout your preparation and eligibility tests for admission to the entrance examination institute caregiver training.

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