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Successful competitions heritage Schools (Louvre, charters )

Ecole du Louvre, INP, School of Charters: from prestigious institutions that train future curators, archivists and art restorers. All recruit by competition. Check out the modalities for organizing the content of the tests but also tips for success.

organizational arrangements competitions wealth schools

To run in the competition of the Ecole du Louvre and INP (art restorer sector) must be Degree holder. However, many candidates choose to do one to three years of study before reporting to the contest.

As for the school Charters, it is only for literary prep students (or charters Ulm). Its course is divided into two sections: A (historians profiles) and B (most diverse profiles). The INP also form the heritage of conservative body of the Public Service of State and Territorial accessible on contest after a Bac + 4/5.

Registrations can be made directly from the institutions, even for post-baccalaureate competition which do not pass through the portal PDB. The tests take place between February and April, and have for some a written part and oral eligibility for admission.

a questionnaire on a text and leading to writing,

a questionnaire on two visual documents on paper. Can a language test but do not condition your admission.

At the INP, the admission in 1st year contest has three eligibility tests:

a science test

Then three admission tests

The contest of the School of Charters has 6 qualifying events:

French composition (4h – A and B): the jury has a literary topic which allows the candidate to demonstrate its ability to conduct a structured and reasoned reflection, based on literary examples or borrowed from other artistic fields

Medieval History (6h – A) or Contemporary History (B): Comment document (s) history (s)

Modern History (6h – A and B): composition or comment document (s) history (s)

Latin version (3h – A) or Latin version, or Greek version, geography or composition, or composition of art history, the candidate’s choice (4h – B)

Latin or Greek version theme, chosen by the candidate (3h – A) or first foreign language (6am – B): comment text in foreign language and translation of part or all of the text

Version in foreign language: English or German or Spanish, the candidate’s choice (3 hours – A) or release of second foreign language or composition of medieval history, the candidate’s choice (3h – B)

Latin version (A)

Conversation from a text in a foreign language: English or German or Spanish, at the choice of candidate (A) in the first foreign language (B)

Conversation from a text in the second foreign language or Latin version, or Greek version, or interrogation of geography, history or the arts of interrogation, the candidate’s choice (B)

Pass the entrance exam to the Ecole du Louvre

For pupils and students who wish to participate in the entrance examination of the Ecole du Louvre, this book allows candidates to prepare effectively:

by revising the basic cultural knowledge, literary and artistic concepts needed;

perfecting their writing skills by lay language to the point;

by practicing the tests through training subjects meeting the conditions of the review and corrected meet the evidentiary test requirements.

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