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Successful architectural competitions

The ENSA (National School of Architecture) are accessible after the ferry to training that can range from +3 to +8. Discover how to organize this competition, the content of the tests and many tips for success.

Admission procedure – Organisation of architectural competition

To be eligible to contest one of the 20 schools of architecture in France, you either have a baccalaureate (or a French or foreign degree equivalent) or be terminally class and subject to obtaining the Bac .

Registration and pre-selection is carried out in the framework of the APB proceedings from 20 January. Please note, procedures may vary with your series of Bac. For example for the Toulouse School of Architecture, students who are not from the general and technological series STI2D and STD2A must besides PDB constitute a specific folder.

Pre-selected students are then invited to an admission interview. The results are communicated at the time of the first admission stage on APB in June.

The content of the architectural competition tests

Each school organizes its contest independently. Some recruit by folder followed by a / interview (s) spoken (to). He’ll be here to stand by his personality and motivation! Others also organize written tests as multiple choice or image analysis or many drawing tests.

This is the case for example of ENSA Grenoble whose assistance includes:

a drawing test for measuring the graphic expression capacity and sensitivity to space

a written test that measures the ability of written expression, the sense of analysis and synthesis

It is important to learn precisely from each school for the contest rules, trials and even obtain the records of previous years.

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