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Successful admission to UTBM – UTC – UTT

Technological Universities of Belfort-Montbéliard, Compiegne and Troyes have set up a joint recruitment of students who wish to integrate the engineering cycle. Discover how to organize this selection and how to increase their chances of admission.

Admission procedure – Organisation of selection UTBM – UTC – UTT

3 Universities of Technology (TU) select their students directly after the Bac S, STI2D, STL (only UTBM) for entry into first year. They also recruit in common, the bac + 2 that directly integrate the engineering cycle.

The UT offers two recruitment sessions in the year and so two inflows, running on different terms:

for the month of September, candidates go through the PDB procedure (post-baccalaureate)

for the month of February, they go through the dedicated website

The booking fee is 95 € (free for the stock).

Recruitment is based on two phases: the study of academic record and a group interview, which takes place between March and late May, and therefore no written tests. The results are published either via the PDB procedure (for the post-bac recruitment) during the first admission stage in June to the beginning of September, either via the dedicated website for the start of February.

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The group interview is taking place on campus. After filling out a questionnaire (hobbies, career plans, motivation, internships, liability situations, etc.), candidates are found by group of 5 to 10 face a jury and are invited to speak on a subject general culture related to school (what being an engineer to you? what are your short courses?). The aim is to verify the ability to work in group (initiative, listening, sense of analysis, etc.) as well as motivation for this sector.

Training: Annals (subjects – corrected) / Tests

The competition does not include written tests, no training is necessary, apart from the oral presentation: whether present, justify his background and professional project.

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