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Successful admission to the ICAM – FESIA

Together, the Icam and FESIA groups together 10 schools of post-baccalaureate engineering. The selection does not include written tests. Still, everyone can not come in! Discover how to organize this selection and how to increase their chances of admission.

Admission procedure – Competition Organization ICAM – FESIA

integrated Icam schools (Lille, Nantes, Paris-Senart, Toulouse), the ICAM learning (Lille, La Roche-sur-Yon, Paris-Senart, Toulouse, Vannes) and those of FESIA group (EI Purpan Toulouse, ESA Angers, ISA Lille, Lyon Isara) are addressed to the terminal of the S series, STAV STI2D or (depending on the school).

To register, applicants must go through a different portal PDB: the portal (GEPB). From early January until early April held the phase of the online registration with the choice of one or more schools. Applicants must enter information on their education and send their application. After this phase, the selected candidates are invited to an interview of motivation current May The results are published online on the portal GEPB early June.

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As part of their application, candidates should provide school reports from the second to the terminal and the notes to the French tank. Moreover, they will write a letter and ask their teachers to provide 3 or 4 letters of recommendation. Best not to go at the last moment!

Motivational interviews are individual and last 20 minutes. They are to check the personal skills of candidates to follow an engineering curriculum, and their interest in this training and the school / program chosen.

Training: Annals (subjects – corrected) / Tests

The competition does not include written tests, no training is necessary, apart from the oral presentation: whether present, justify his background and professional project.

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