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Successful admission to INSA

Admission to INSA Group INSA partners and based on a selection on academic record without competition. This does not mean that anyone can enter! Discover how to organize this selection and how to increase their chances of admission.

Admission terms to INSA

The group of INSA (National Institutes of Applied Sciences) consists of six INSA (Centre-Val-de-Loire, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse), INSA Euro-Mediterranean and five partner schools INSA ( Ensci Limoges, ENSIAME Valenciennes, ISIS Castres, the Ensisa Mulhouse, ENSCMu Mulhouse). All incorporate graduates of the S series, and some also STI2D graduates (Lyon and Toulouse) or STL SPCL option (Lyon).

To register, you must be enrolled in one of these series, or getting his tray the previous year (for entry into first year). The INSA INSA partners and go through the procedure and APB – good news! – Account for only one wish. However, candidates must select one or the different schools of interest and prioritize their choice (until 31 May). The application fee is 95 € (free for the stock).

Whether for or STI2D S-STL terminal, the competition has two stages: a note from school records and maintenance reasons, each giving rise to a note to rank candidates, and therefore no written tests. The results are published via the APB procedure at the first intake phase in June.

Recruitment is based on school records, including the results in mathematics, physics, French and LV1 and 2 obtained in the first and twelfth grade. For this, the rating of the student but also the middle class and the maximum rating of the class are studied. The school environment is also taken into account, namely the assessment of the level of the end of class by the principal and the fine reference rate in Bac obtained the previous year. A repetition of the end result in penalties, not the first.

After this phase, the best candidates are classified, others are invited to spend an interview. It aims to assess their abilities to train engineers, their personal qualities (resourcefulness, openness) and their interest in this sector. It lasts for each 30 minutes (+ 30 minutes preparation).

Training: Annals (subjects – corrected) / Tests

The competition does not include written tests, no training is necessary, apart from the oral presentation: whether present, justify his background and professional project.

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