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Succeed the assistance of Public Finance Administrator

To work in the service of public finances and become agent, it must pass a competition for the Civil Service. Check out the modalities for organizing the content of the tests but also tips for success.

This contest is part of the common examination for access to bodies of category C, for the economic and financial departments. It depends on the administrative branch, common to several positions: Administrative officer of public finances; establishment of a customs officer, branch of business operations; Assistant control of competition, consumption and fraud prevention.

In order to stand, it must meet the requirements of the Public Service (nationality, citizenship, criminal records ). We must also hold Diploma GCSE or other diploma / degree level V.

The trials of pre-qualifying and qualifying are held on the same day. Following these events, the jury establishes the list of candidates declared pre-qualifying, only the eligibility copies of pre-qualified candidates are corrected.

More information on the website of the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts.

The competition provides a pre-eligibility test in the form of a QCM (1h30 – weighting 1) to verify basic knowledge of spelling, vocabulary and grammar, general knowledge and calculation and the candidate’s reasoning ability.

The eligibility test (duration 3 hours – coeff 2) consists of a resolution of practical cases from a case where the applicant may be required to present material in the file, answer questions, write a paper or put developed an array of numbers. The use of a calculator is permitted.

The admission test is based on a candidate’s motivational interview (duration 15 min – coeff 2) to assess the capacity to exercise the functions postulated in economic and financial ministries.

Train the tests of the Administrator competition of public finances through the annals (subjects and corrected) previous years to find on

Multiconcours Economics, Public Finance, Customs

You want to get into the civil service or advance your career? You want to increase your chances of success? The works of the collection MULTICONCOURS allow you to prepare, simultaneously, various contests of the public service in the field that interests you. Similarly, if you already exercise, MULTICONCOURS collection allows you to advance your career through internal competitions of the public service.

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