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Succeed the assistance of psychomotor

To become psychomotor, must win his place in the competition for integrating education that prepares the State Diploma. Seats are limited and subject to supply restrictions. Discover how to organize this competition, the content of the tests but also tips for success.

organizational arrangements Contest Psychomotricien

To appear for the entrance examination training schools in the State diploma psychomotor two conditions are sufficient:

be at least 17 years from December 31 of the year tests

a baccalaureate or title accepted in lieu, or even a USDA (University Diploma of Access to University Studies).

The diploma is, after a competition, training institute attached to one of the following universities: Toulouse 3, Bordeaux 2, Lyon 1 and the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris). Some private institutions approved by the Ministry of Health also preparing for the diploma: ISRP Paris, Marseille ISPR, Loos Hyères.

If the scientific path (S) bac is the most recommended to succeed, we must know that the competition psychomotor remains the one that hosts the non-science graduates among all competitions like this. Some institutions also require passage through the PACES (common first year for Health Studies) or a preparation.

The number of places available for training in this field is currently set at 914.

Each institute has its own contest dates, so be well informed before. But these usually take place between mid-March and mid-May. The results are given from mid-June to early July.

The tests of psychomotor contest

Whatever the school presented, the contest includes two written tests on programs first and terminal classes.

French test (2h): it is a text of contraction and questions about the text and / or dissertation – marked out of 20.

Biology test (2h): it takes place in the form of multiple choice and drafting exercises and question – marked out of 20.

OT Psychomotricien – Competition 2015-2016

This book accompanies you during your preparation for the entrance examination institute of occupational and psychomotor training. In addition to a detailed presentation of the business but also the trials and training to access, this all-in-one guide offers methodological advice and ongoing reminders for each of written tests; training exercises and corrected annals of recent topics to train yourself in position to tests of each competition.

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