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Study in Australia: manual

Australia tempting? The largest island in the world only dream of a student. And because Australian qualifications are a passport to employment internationally, major universities remain at affordable rates, the cost of living is lower than in France, economic growth is strong, the no unemployment and Melbourne and Sydney are among the five most livable cities in the world.

beautiful scenery, virgin expanse, rapid economic growth (10% per year), full employment, tolerance, multiculturalism and casual lifestyle are the main ingredients of the "Australian dream". To the extent that dream, Australia offers a unique educational system in the world which ranks among the top university destinations for international students. All degree programs are open to students of all levels, the terminal PhD, through the bachelors, masters, MBA and LLM.

The country is young, multicultural, tolerant, and student life, while being serious and intense, no remains heavenly.

Study at university

There are 40 universities in Australia. All public unless two private. You should know that in Australia, the so called "university" more akin to a high school and a French university, plans, infrastructure, student services, selectivity and the requirement academic.

The cost of Australian universities, the same level of prestige, is particularly competitive compared to other Anglo-Saxon countries. For example, be aware that specialized masters programs in international business, law, science or international relations in prestigious Australian universities ranked internationally will cost you cheaper than comparable American masters and even masters specialized large French schools. gorgeous campus, international address book and ability to work during and after his studies as a bonus!

Australia adopted the classic Anglo-Saxon system: bachelor (3 years), Master (1-2 years), PhD (3-5 years). The academic year in Australia follows the Southern Hemisphere calendar and offers two independent flows, one in February and one in July. It consists of two semesters of 14 weeks each, from February to June for the first and from July to November for the second. Last week of each semester is the least loved by students because it is traditionally the week dedicated to examinations

Most study programs are offered to two Australian annual receipts. Some universities, such as Bond University on the Gold Coast (1st private university in Australia), propose three returns per year: January, May and September, and all diplomas accelerated intensive mode: 2 years for bachelors and 1 year for specialized masters.

It is advisable to present its bid at least 6 months before the desired return and again, to help you through a specialized body, such as the agency of the Australian Universities Australia Mag for France. The universities do not organize competitions, they recruit on record and possible interview for MBA programs.

Aside from good grades, you need to prove your level of English. The English scores to reach differ between programs, universities and the cycle of study (bachelor or master). The tests allowed to prove your level are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE (Pearson Test of English). The Cambridge Advanced (CAE) is also accepted.

Learn a job

Alongside academic qualifications, it is also possible to follow short courses in Australia. Objective: To learn a trade. These professional studies may be undertaken in TAFE (public institutions of technical and vocational education) or private schools for technical and vocational education.

These institutions offer specialized programs in many fields (design, hotel management, tourism, aviation ) and prepare students for working life through training that focuses on practice. The course takes place over a period of between 6 months and 2 years.

Warning: TAFE diplomas are valid in Australia but not recognized either in France or internationally. TAFE programs content is comparable to the levels pro tray French BTS.

Australian student visa

Australian student visa is issued for the duration of your studies plus one month. It allows you to work 40 hours per fortnight during the academic year and full time during holidays. In 2011, Visa has undergone a major redesign for the benefit of international students.

Thus, today an international student who graduated in Australia after a two-year program can convert their student visa in full-time work visa for a period of two years renewable, subject to be in a sector in demand! Clearly, this means that once your Australian graduation, you can enter professional life in Australia in a position of responsibility.

Compulsory health insurance

International students are required to subscribe to the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), the "Medicare" insurance. With your card "Medicare," you’ll also get free care in clinics installed on campus. Only dental and optometry are not included.

Settle and enjoy

Australia has the distinction of being one of the most attractive countries of the great Anglo-Saxon countries in terms of cost of living. The average budget required is € 12,000 for the year. This budget includes the costs of accommodation, meals, transportation, outings and practice all your living expenses.

Balancing study and student job

20 hours per week in bachelor and master 12 hours, Australian higher education is made so that students can work alongside their studies. Students jobs currently paid at 25 A $ per hour on average (about 20 €) allow you to finance your everyday expenses.

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The Working Holiday visa (VWH) does not follow a degree program at university or starting a career, but to discover Australia and do odd jobs.

The student visa, considered more "serious" and reassuring for Australian employers, offers a genuinely integrated into Australian life and professional opportunities for many more jobs, better paid and related to your studies.

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