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Student scholarships in 33 questions and answers!

Do you have the right to a scholarship? What criteria will be taken into account? Completing the Student Social Dossier? And then what if your circumstances change during the year? Crous What about housing? Not easy to be in the administrative maze and timing of grants based on social criteria and housing allocations. We studied and listed the most common questions on these topics. Here is a small custom FAQ that will help you in all your efforts.

Julia Fauconnier

Until what age can receive a scholarship?

For a first application: you must be aged under 28 on September 1 of the year of your application

Then, if you have more than 28 years, no interruption in your studies should be established to continue receiving a scholarship.

I am a foreign national, can I receive a scholarship?

Yes, if you are enrolled in an institution of higher education in France and you meet one of the following conditions:

Have refugee status recognized by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 713-1 of the Code of entry and residence of foreigners and asylum .

Hold a temporary residence permit or a residence permit issued under the Code of entry and residence of foreigners and asylum. In this case, you must be resident in France for at least two years and demonstrate a tax household attachment (parent, legal guardian or delegate parental authority) in France for at least two years

Being French training Andorran. Foreign students whose parents live in Andorra

All training-they open a right to a scholarship?

To receive a scholarship, you must be enrolled in initial training in a public or private educational institution and a training entitled to receive the stock of the State (Ministry of Higher Education and Research – Ministry culture and communication). Remember to ask before you register Attention: apprenticeships, alternating training still does not qualify for the scholarship because they put you under employee status and not a student.

And regarding registration CNED?

Yes, if the training itself is entitled to receive the stock. Check with the CNED or with CROUS to which the registration CNED.

Perhaps ! The criteria and scales for awarding grants based on social criteria are different from high school scholarships. To find out if you can touch them, appointment simulation online (warning: it is indicative only ).

Yes, but the exchange is subject to conditions of attendance, TD, TP and examinations. Prefer if you can, work does not threaten your studies (not too much lag or load schedules ).

Yes, under certain conditions:

if you meet the eligibility criteria and that the institution, degree, training or competition prepared, be entitled to receive the stock by the Minister of Higher Education.

if you are enrolled in some public higher education institutions of a member state of the Council of Europe (Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, -um, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine).

How is calculated my right to a scholarship and its amount?

The allocation and the amount of the award is estimated based on three elements:

the number of children in family tax burden

the distance between your place of study and family home

the income of your family (with exceptions, the tax income shown on the tax notice of the family for the year N-2 benchmark over the year of filing of the application: 2016, 2015 on tax advice income 2014).

Can we take into account my income, not those of my family?

In principle, not because the state considers that the market is more help to your family (Articles 203 and 371-2 of the Civil Code provides that parents must provide maintenance for their children, even adults, as these are not able to meet their own needs).

if you are married or PACS: the couple, the spouse or partner must have a monthly income equal to or greater than 90% of the minimum wage and to ensure their financial independence. You must have set a different tax reporting your parents (or legal guardian)

you have one or more dependent children for tax purposes and is not on the tax return of your parents (or legal guardian)

you are a major 18 to 21 years, to which the benefits provided by the services of social assistance to children or aged over 21 years and former recipient of these benefits.

Finally, if you are no father and mother or refugee.

My income for the year N-1 or N are lower than those of the year N-2, what can I do?

The resources taken into account are those of the year N-2 (or 2014 for a scholarship in 2016). But in some cases, Crous agrees to take into account the revenues of year N-1 (2015 to 2016) and even N (2016 to 2016) under certain conditions:

sustainable and significant reduction in family resources (illness, death, unemployment, retirement, divorce, separation duly noted).

a recent event in your life (marriage, birth – see question on the inclusion of your income, not your family).

lower row resources layoff, to part-time work, a reduction of sustainable working hours or unpaid leave.

if parents are in serious debt, bankruptcy, bankruptcy or face exceptional situations (eg following a natural disaster).

2. Second step: how to complete my Student Social Dossier?

Yes, you must provide your student social file with the elements or tracks you have, between January 15 and May 31 Know that you can change your vows later.

How academy should I do my application?

Your scholarship application is necessarily in the academy where you are currently enrolled. The files can then be transmitted in your future academy, but Crous you depend on the current year will be your contact.

I’m not in school this year, how?

Your request must be made to the CROUS where was your family home last year. Remember to attach proof your situation for the year in question (radiation job center, CV, training agreement ).

I do not know if I’ll have my degree, do I complete an EHR?

Yes ! If you do not have your tray, your application simply will not on.

I change my academy in September, what should I do?

Once you have your new certificate of enrollment in September, send it with a letter requesting your transfer to the new academy at Student Social Dossier service to your home CROUS.

What are the brothers and / or sisters considered in the EHR?

Only your siblings tax related to the tax notice of your parents are included in the right to scholarship and its amount. If they are in higher education, they account for more points. Warning: if you have a brother or sister in terminal this year, you do not count or in the top when entering your file. It will however put your file update in September / October by providing a copy of their registration certificate of enrollment in higher education.

3. Third step: how to track and change my EHR?

When will I receive a response to my application?

For complete records seized and returned by May 31, a response is expected to arrive before the end of July. For late files, incomplete, out of time , the response time varies depending on the situation.

You can track your student social file on the internet, so you can get your notification. Remember to keep your file number, the email address used and the password!

3 cases, 3 times:

First, once you have received the confirmation email with your attached file, you can make changes to handwritten on the paper version before returning.

If you want to change and add wishes after receiving notification by email your license, you must print and edit / add your changes in red and resend the document corrected Crous.

Finally, if you have already returned your EHR, know that it is possible to change your greeting: either by writing (preferably by registered post) to the address Crous you depend on, or by sending an email (in Social Service Student Dossier).

Warning: remember to include your names and numbers INE and the order of your vows.

What conditional notification of award?

Keep it carefully! It will be delivered to the school at the time of registration and will benefit from the exemption of tuition fees and student social security.

What does "pending decision" mention on conditional notification?

This is usually a request for additional documents (incomplete case file). It should refer to the first page of the notification "important notice" and to send the requested documents.

How to challenge the decision to grant?

formulate an administrative appeal to the rector of your academy

or seek a settlement before the tribunal the jurisdiction of your academy (within 2 months of the notification)

4. Step Four: Managing my purse during the year, especially if the situation changes?

How can that be considered a change happened during the year?

Same approach as before: send a letter accompanied by all the supporting evidence of your new situation (divorce decree, death certificate, certificate AER parents, certificate of CAF rights )

When my purse she will be paid?

Normally, the grant is paid from September if your file is complete and that your enrollment in the educational institution has been validated (note: you must send your registration certificate as soon as you have it). The grant is paid in ten monthly installments between September and June. To know: there is a gap between the transfer dates of the exchange and its actual collection on your account, deadlines that vary from one bank to another.

How do I pay university fees?

You must request a repayment record of academic rights to the registrar’s office of your institution. You will need to provide a copy of your final notification of Award.

regular participation in lectures, practical work or directed.

attend compulsory courses included in the training.

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You must transmit to Crous your new certificate of registration in the institution (including attendance for the control to be maintained since it is the institutions that send them).

What if I stop my studies?

You must inform the Student Social Dossier service your Crous as quickly as possible for the payment of the award is interrupted (if not, you must repay the sums received after the interruption of studies).

5. And my Crous housing demand?

I do not have the right to a scholarship, I ask for accommodation?

Scholarship students have priority, but you can benefit from a university residence without stock. As of mid-July, the CROUS allocates vacant lodgings (failure to ferry departure in another Academy refusal of housing ). Finally, be aware that the 1st come 1st are therefore served fill your EHR as soon as possible!

When should I have the answer to my housing application and how to cancel?

The first answer (conditional notification) arrives around the end of June. If housing was affected you suits you more or no longer interests you, you can refuse. Just do not return the deposit check.

Commits to keep my room for the next academic year?

Every year it is necessary to renew the demand for housing over the Internet.

RDV on Mapiaule to the instructions of the online application! )]

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