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Student life

"An ordinary youth and education accessible": students with disabilities challenge the presidential candidates

The FÉDÉEH – National Federation for success and inclusion of young people with disabilities – organized early March a public debate in favor of equal opportunities and a ()

CREART’UP Festival: celebrate the artistic and cultural creativity of the students!

CRÉART’UP you to discover them during its multidisciplinary festival on 24, 25 and 26 March 2017!

Student Social File: user manual for your scholarship applications and housing

You have until May 31 to anticipate the next academic year and make your scholarship applications and student housing via your student social Record (EHR). This ()

What is the "young vote" and is it really?

One month before the presidential election, the Anacej – National Association of Boards of children and young people – and the FIFG publish a poll on the voting behavior of 18-25 ()

> Save: our tips

Closing his student budget is not always easy. But be careful spending does not necessarily mean giving up certain pleasures and recreation. MCAT prep online seeks to support you in your daily life and, wherever possible, simplify.

> Defend: your rights

Your rights, it is necessary and difficult both to know them. This section is for help in a variety of fields ranging from student status to that of an employee or consumer

Competitions, calls ‡ project, news of the student world, company articles and news The tour of the student news is ‡ find here

> Engaging in a student association

Creating student union, taxation, treasury, grant Find all the information and advice for up and manage your asso or BDE.

> Civic service: manual

In parallel with studies, gap year in shift The Civic Service addresses 16 to 25 (up to 30 years with disabilities) and is compensated.

> Student Mutual: how to choose?

Secu is essential to be covered during his studies, but its operation is often a real headache. Here is an item made to enlighten you on some elusive points.

> Health: protection

Lack of attention, lack of resources, many students neglect their health. However, the latter is one of the pillars for successful study. You will find here the figures, information and advice necessary to protect themselves and stay healthy.

Finance, a story to the students. Manage your account, pay bills, avoid ITRE in the red so many tasks for which you will have to be vigilant if you want to stay on good terms with your banker

> Self care: fashion and beauty

Learn self-care is not trivial and key confidence needed by all students. What advice? What are the tricks that we do not always think? How to reconcile this with a student budget? This section, if not superficial, gives you the hand to feel good.

> Student Kitchen

Just as sports or sleep, the importance of good nutrition is sometimes underestimated in academic success. Yet it is not impossible to mix lifestyle and budget students with a good nutritional balance and even to feast!

> Playing sports and studies

Stay fit, manage stress, meet new people So many reason to regularly practice a sport. When, how, and also what are the sports that suit you? A brief overview of the opportunities and testimonials from those that lead to high performance sport forehead and studies.

> Student Events: meet

Beyond the studies, being a student is sharing a life, a diverse community that is found in some sporting moments, festive, cultural. MCAT prep online decided to partner with some of these important times students.

> Student Competition: if challenger

Want to measure yourself to others in an area that is dear to you? Need of a hardware inch financial? Want to let you know? If you are already in the starting blocks to win awards, do not move: the topic contest is for you!

Student life

Sexuality and contraception

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