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Special schools in hotel and catering

Faced with the many existing curriculum, students launching into a hotel or catering studies must be well matured their professional project. If good training are numerous, it is better, before choosing a school, check certain criteria such as the integration of graduates and the links with the workplace.

Antoine Teillet

To lead your thinking about your future studies in the field of hotels and restaurants, consider taking the time to determine if you are targeting practical and operational business more or managerial positions because some écoesl are positioned on one or the other, or sometimes both!

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Among the schools under the CCI of Paris Ile-de-France, Tecomah "school of environment and living environment" dispensation, through a pole "culinary arts, table and service" , classic restoration training (CAP kitchen ) and others a bit more specific, such as CAP-Chocolate confectionery and Pastry CAP yet. Not forgetting the two pro bins restoration, kitchen and service and marketing.

Ferrandi School (ex-Grégoire Ferrandi), prepares her for careers in high gastronomy thanks to Bachelor Ferrandi, which offers two main pathways: the restaurant Manager Bachelor and Bachelor Restaurateur. Each time, training in three years, alternating periods in school and business.

Other famous Parisian school: Le Cordon Bleu Paris. For 120 years, it offers its students a variety of programs, from initiation to Bachelor for culinary arts and hospitality management. And include the Bachelor in Management of Culinary Arts, Bachelor in International Resort Management, the Management Diploma in Food and Diploma Art and Science of Wine Management.

The Hotel School of Provence has set up training alternately: BTS Hotels and restaurants and several professional qualification certificates (CQP) Receptionist, Clerk of floors, restoration and Commis Chef Server. Programs offered alternately via the professional contract.

Based in Digne, the CFA of the Chamber of Commerce and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence industry also offers training for careers in the hotel industry in the form of learning, including the BTS Hotel and restaurant industry, options A and B, the latter being offered in partnership with the hotel School of Paul Arena High School Sisteron. The excellent reputation of this training also opens many doors to graduate students of the CFA.

Remain in the centers of learning and training with the School of Paris Trades table, tourism and hospitality (EPMTTH) which provides, in addition to diplomas in traditional trades hotels and restaurants, training in the areas of pastry and chocolate. It offers young people aged 15 to 25 to follow their apprenticeship studies, CAP vocational license Hospitality and Tourism, "accommodation" course.

Alain Ducasse Education hosts for over 15 years, 2000 students for the year. Renowned in the middle, the French Chef Alain Ducasse passes in two schools, the training center of Alain Ducasse and the National School of Pastry, expertise, skills and expertise to cultivate excellence in the fields of culinary arts and pastry. Students can attend two of its flagship Bachelor: Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Bachelor of French pastry, but also modules for professional retraining and customized training.

Arnaud Bouvier, President of ESH (Superior School of Hospitality)

"The ESH’s main characteristic to offer five years of studies culminating in a degree M1 and M2 both French and English, and taught in Paris and London, in partnership with the University of London Left Bank. Importantly, the M2 is offered entirely in English.

In doing so, we adossons our curriculum to an internationally recognized training. What still credible quality of our journey Today, this international coloration is essential for working in quality hotels. Fluent English is essential, and we must have a sense of service, not to mention obvious operational qualities. "

For its part, the Paul Bocuse Institute opens its kitchens to students who will then exercise their talents future leaders face real consumers since the school’s restaurant is open to the public and runs through to the students.

The establishment also forms managers and future business managers via eg bilingual curriculum "International Hospitality Management and Restoration" which has two formations, namely the Bachelor’s Degree International Hotel and Restaurant Management and professional license Hospitality and tourism. Once these credentials pocket, it’s possible to make your debut into the workforce or continue with, why not, the master house "International Management of hotel and catering". Other Master proposed, among many programs, "Culinary Management & Innovation".

Present in Paris, Lille and London, the ESH (top hospitality school, formerly known Eshotel) offers five years of study to upgrade BTS Hospitality (1 year bachelor) and two-year Bachelor 2 and 3 simultaneously leading to the BTS Hotel and restaurant industry. Once this first crossed cape, students can continue in master M1 to win in the Diploma in Hospitality and Event Management, or a bilingual curriculum entirely in English, as followed in Paris or London. Students can then continue in M2 and get the Masters Hospitality and Tourism. Last year delivered entirely in English in Paris and London.

The hotel Graduate School of Paris (ESHP – Icoges group), meanwhile, offers training ranging from BTS to DEES tourism-hotel, more a preparation class at BTS HR.

The world of hospitality training also owes much to Vatel Group, created in 1981 by Alain Sebban. This business school and management dedicated to the hospitality and tourism features on thirty worldwide sites, training in 5 years after 3 years sanctioned by obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management and European Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management and, in the end, the Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management or MBA in International Hotel & Tourism Management.

The School of Savignac, meanwhile, trains the future operational and functional managers in the sector of hotels and restaurants, tourism and leisure. The graduates of this institution will have career opportunities in international hotel chains, restaurant groups, leisure centers, theme parks The establishment wants international and multicultural by the practice of the English language, exchanges academics, internships and overseas missions.

If we associate hotels and restaurants, the fact remains that the profession covers other trades for which specific training is essential. The Institute of International Concierge (ICI) trains future hotel concierges. But who says hotels, also said relaxation, leisure and games

Casinos, and now that spas and great fitness services are popular and customers also appreciate the hotels they descend offer this kind of distractions that require specially trained personnel. The Academy Cérus Casino is definitely the body most suitable training for this type of business because it prepares including dealer functions, guaranteeing employment to output. This in Paris, Lyon, Namur or Manchester.

In another, more conventional this time, the hotel Course of Besançon offers intensive training for the title receptionist-housekeeper (level IV, CAP hotel services). The hotel also promises to his student placements in the most prestigious French institutions.

Bruno Monte, director of Ferrandi Paris

"CAP, pro bins, BTS, bachelor or Specialized Master, we are positioning ourselves on all the existing courses in culinary matters and on all business calling gastronomy: food, service, pastry, bakery or catering. What present each year 600 young people in various national exams, success rate close to 100%. Besides technical and managerial training, we also want to instill in our students a few important values ​​

The life skills, good behavior, but also the imagination More than strictly technical, they must indeed remain curious and open, so as to keep all the necessary enthusiasm, and give their best in all circumstances. "

Special schools in hotel and catering

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