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Special schools in accounting-finance-management: how to choose?

It is therefore important when choosing his school to ask the question: what are the methods used by my future training center to train diplomas accounting reference curriculum? It is rare that the method of proof "white" only works. If the practice is a "plus" some (as it puts you in a situation and reminds you that it is high time to work seriously ), it must also be accompanied by continuous controls and partial that require revise the fields of broader programs.

In a school seriously wishing the success of its students, the oral and written widely practiced. The speaking is an exercise in which students are sometimes unprepared for, as often explain members trials juries, "everyone always feel that oral does not work, that’s all about stage fright, and some, less stressed than others arrive there easily. Or oral appears as an exercise that is acquired and is based on certain conventions. "In other words, there are things he can do, others are very recommended and the reactions of the jury often depend on these subtleties. Public speaking in front of friends or family in no way corresponds to an intervention before an audience alert, attentive to an overall logic to inaccuracies and errors.


Admissions to special schools are often conditioned by the examination of an application file (agreed in January) by the Education Committee. The knowledge gained in previous courses and motivation letter are analyzed closely. A second sort, much less selective and only serving to confirm the first step is carried out from an interview.

Records are to be obtained from the institution where the student is in school and repeat applications every year.

Finally, schools may be authorized to collect the apprenticeship tax. Funds raised under the control of a prefectural committee, fully used for scholarship funding. These awards are cumulative and therefore reduce significantly the cost of schooling.

Benefits schools

Finally, many schools now offer aid to job search. This assistance focuses on the different research techniques: developing a curriculum vitae (what should we put how should introduce etc.?), Cover letters, tips for job interviews

Panel discussions taking stock of the difficulties of each and successful experiences are sometimes implemented.

If the school is recognized throughout the business world and has a large alumni network, positions are also available. The school then becomes a kind of "godmother".

We stressed the importance of internships in the paragraphs dealing with more general training. This requirement now accepted by all training, whether public or private, has been widely translated in the field of accounting, and the more so that the vacancies are often very functional. Thus, indispensable complements to studies, internships are an essential part of the training of the accountant. They allow students to discover the reality of companies or accounting firms to apply their theoretical knowledge and demonstrate their ability to solve concrete problems in their care. As discussed in Part IV, the training is essential as it allows employers to judge "piece on" the quality of graduates.

It is therefore an excellent medium to be hired and successfully integrate into the world of work. If it belongs to a school recognized in the professional world, the student applicant will benefit from a clear competitive advantage. For some good schools, known employers, employment opportunities after internships can reach 50%.

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