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Special educator

The educator provides listening, advice and support to people in difficulty, to promote their individual and social success, help them find their place in society and / or self. Routinists refrain!

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The daily tasks of the educator

The educator shares the daily life of children and adolescents and even adults with physical or mental disabilities, behavioral problems or social problems or insertion. He accompanies these people individually or in groups in resocialization projects, integration and empowerment: it can advise and / or organize and conduct various workshops (recreational, cultural, semi-professional or academic support). Every day is different. He must design and conduct projects in the various components of the specialized educational function. He also knows conducting individual / group interviews and set up workshops animation.

What training to follow when you want to become educator?

The degree of State Specialized educator is required to exercise this profession (DEES). It is prepared in 3 years, there are two possible ways:

either via a DUT social career, special education option (2 years) + 1 year of specialization for the DEES. There are two faculties that deliver the DUT with option (Grenoble Lille 2 and 3);

either via a competition in one of the 80 special schools under the Ministry of Labour. The competition includes a written test marked out of 20: the study of a text of the health and social fields and an oral interview (after passing the written). The contest is being prepared in a preparation to social competition.

For example, Expersocial preparing for this competition. Experienced teachers and from social help aspiring business, grouped in small working groups (15), to get their support and access the job. The prep takes place on one day a week allowing students who wish to find or internship in order to have items put forward at the oral interview and / or employment to finance the cost of competition and training. The subjects taught are specialized social and educational support, the development and conduct of a specialized project, working in multi-professional team, coordination, involvement in institutional dynamics, work in partnership and networks

In the coming years, many positions will be available, the social sector as a provider of jobs. This professional can work in specialized institutions (shelters, medical and educational institutions and medical professionals, nursing homes, CAT ), services (welfare for children, educational action in an open environment, preventing ), day hospitals, schools, territorial devices (departments and municipalities) as well as in associations. Work schedules can be offset (end of day, night, weekend ) and have numerous meetings because it is above all a work in multidisciplinary team (physiotherapists, psychologists, social service workers, magistrates. ..).

Professional evolution

An educator can progress to the posts of director of a private social institution, delegate to the guardianship, marriage and family counselor, technical advisor, responsible for social welfare constituency. The developments are manifold with or without additional training (these vocational courses are often alternately and allow not terminate the employment contract suddenly). Example of additional training: DEIS (State Diploma in Social Engineering); Cif (Certificate of proficiency as director of social facility).

In public or territorial function, their salary is based on the grade and step. In associations, salaries are often lower than in the public sector.

Pay scale

Early in his career, the educator wins between 1400 and 1500 € net; his salary is between 2,300 and € 2,500 net late career.

Special educator

This book accompanies you during your preparation for the educator competition, accessible in tray. It helps you to effectively address written and oral tests, and brings you the method elements and drive needed to succeed this selective contest.

Technician social and family intervention

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