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Selecting the Master 1 to Master 2: where are we?

In April 2016 appeared an official list of Masters 2 that are allowed to select candidates. Since then, students have been denied to Masters 2 not on this list, so that should not make a selection, have been successful by justice, strongly challenging the decree and this list 2. Masters Minister of Education announced on September 11 the implementation of a reform for September 2017. in the meantime, what selection Master 2? An update again.

No, the passage of the Master 1 Master 2, although it seems logical, was never automatic. Always pusi, holders of M1 students must submit an application and can be refused entry into the selected M2. Gold, recalibrated and disappointed students have filed complaints against their university for wrongful selection and won!

Early 2016 the Council of State judged illegal selection Master 2 because it was not based on implementing decree. So, in April 2016, a decree that indicates the 1,300 mentions of Master 2 that are allowed to select. Therefore, all other normally can not select.

But in fact, some universities whose particulars are not on the list continue to do as before and are therefore tâcler by students and their representatives.

An announced and applicable law in September 2017

The Minister of Education reported on September 11 in an interview with Les Echos, that it intended to tackle the problem of the selection by master in October for a law applicable to the 2017 school year. μElle is looking to advance in the "two-way": "universities need to recruit at the entrance of the master, not in the middle of master", "and at the same time, a license holder must be offered continuing of studies in master if he wants, "she advance in this interview.

"This is the entrance to the master that the recruitment of students must be able to be smart," from "objective, transparent criteria, based on motivation, educational level and the student’s project" , said the Minister of Education. Stay tuned

So today what selection Master 2?

You guessed it, it is now rather random: some universities according to the decree, others not Meanwhile the precise law on the subject, not knowing what to expect.

Our advice is to assume that a selection exists: better prepare to put the odds in your favor!

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