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Schools engineering alternately

The alternation is well suited to the training of engineers who want more operational and managerial job. That is why most schools now offer this formula for all or part of their curriculum. A boon for students because it is often a real springboard for their employability and career development. It would be a shame to miss!

The alternation is part of a long tradition in engineering schools where it allowed employees to form and continue working. Since then, the formula has spread to all schools and courses (engineering program, Master, Specialized Master, MSc ), multiplying by as many opportunities for students, today high demand of this formula.

To do this, go to the Salons MCAT prep online Sup’Alternance near you. On site, present many institutions will present their courses and advise you to find a home business.

Good reason to opt for alternation are indeed numerous: follow a specific training combining theory and practice, acquire work experience that employers are likely to require – many companies now use alternating as a pre- recruitment, while getting the same degree and that initial title.

Depending on the school, alternation takes different forms: it can extend over 1, 2 or 3 years, be under apprenticeship or professionalization, on rhythms 1 week / 3 weeks or 1 month / 1 month in any case, you have to adapt to it: it is better to inquire first.

As for recruitment, there is often a different selection process of the initial course. Schools seek indeed profiles for this particularly demanding system, in terms of maturity and organization. So we notice and students from BTS or DUT through parallel admissions are sometimes more suitable than those from prépas.

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